Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thank you- to wait or not?

Hive, I need your opinion. It's been 6 weeks since our wedding and I have yet to send a single thank you note!!! And as each day passes (and the wedding becomes more and more of a distant memory*) the pressure to send them out is flying out the window.

I know I need to send them, but I feel like I am going through an internal struggle about what Thank Yous to send.

Here's the conversations that I have been having with myself (yes, I am part crazy lady, with multiple personalities):

Responsible, rational Peep: You need to start writing and sending Thank You notes STAT.

Crafty, lazy Peep: But wouldn't they be so much better if they were crafty like Mrs. Corn's:

Or had an uber cute wedding photo on them like Mrs. Daffodil's:

Responsible, Rational Peep: Yes, but you already own a bunch of Thank Yous that would do the job just fine. Remember those fabulous note cards that you bought from On a Limb Paper back in November?:

Crafty, lazy Peep:
Ok, I'll start to work on them.

Responsible, Rational Peep: Good. Can't wait to get home and tackle them tonight!!

Crafty, lazy Peep: Wait, we're moving, wouldn't it be better if we waited to send out thank yous in a few weeks with our new address information??

Responsible, Rational Peep: Humm, maybe you are right??

Crafty, lazy Peep: And look at these super cute moving cards you could send from Etsy:


Or these oh so hive appropriate ones??


So Hive, what's a Bee to do. Do we wait until we have a new address and send thank you/we've moved cards? Or do I start getting crackin on these puppies before I forget about them entirely??

I can't decide.

*Without all our photos it still seems surreal!

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