Saturday, January 31, 2009

Polictics and Religion

Politics and religion are the two topics that you are suppose to avoid in mixed company, and it even causes a bit of a stir here on Weddingbee. But what happens when your views differ from those closest to you?

Poppy Peep and I have never agreed politically. As a child, he'd purposely bring up controversial topics at the dinner table. I can only guess that he was trying to hone my debating skills, but I think it back fired on him. We now sit clearly on different sides of the aisle, and this has caused more than one conversation to turn into a heated debate. I now find myself cutting our political conversations short and asking him to change topics before either of us lose our cool.

Mr. Peep and I, on the other hand, are squarely sitting next to each other when it comes to politics, and it is one of the things I love most about him.

But this post isn't about politics.

Mr. Peep is Jewish. And, well, I am not.

When I was young my parents took us to church semi-regularly; as we got older, it turned into a bi-annual event. We were the folks that took up the extra room on Christmas and Easter. Without a clear religious eduction, I have tried to live my life as a morally responsible human being; I try my best to live by the Golden Rule.

When our relationship first got serious, we openly discussed religion with each other, and we even went to an interfaith class. Mr. Peep clearly defines himself as Jewish, and I have a hard time defining myself as anything. I just don't feel like I know enough. As an adult, I take full responsibility for my lack of religious education.

Our pending marriage has forced me to do some internal exploring. I realized that I could never ask Mr. Peep to convert- I couldn't even tell him what religion he should convert to. I also realized that if Mr. Peep wanted me to convert to Judaism, he'd not only have to ask me to convert, he'd have to make it a much larger priority in his life. He'd have to join a temple and attend a weekly service.

Mr. PT has yet to ask me to convert, and both of us are comfortable with where our beliefs stand. Yet the conversation couldn't end there- we needed to figure out who would marry us.

Ideally, I loved the idea of asking a good friend or family member to officiate. I thought it would add a level of intimacy to our ceremony. But Mr. Peep really wanted a Rabbi to conduct the service, and he felt it was important to him and his family.

I readily agreed knowing that this was important to my future husband, and I started our search for an interfaith Rabbi. When I told my mom, she said, "that living in the Bay Area you should easily be able to find someone willing to marry you."

On the surface it seemed like an easy search, but on further inspection we were breaking a lot of the rules. We were an interfaith couple, getting married during daylight on Saturday, outside.

Technically speaking, from sundown on Friday night to sundown on Saturday in the Jewish religion, you aren't suppose to do any work, including officiating a wedding. Also, like many other religions, a lot of Rabbi's won't preform a ceremony unless you belong to their temple.

Fortunately, we found two Rabbi's that would preform our ceremony that we liked. Coincidentally, we met with both of them on the same day last Fall. The first Rabbi teaches comparative religion and he only preforms a few ceremonies a year. He just started preforming interfaith ceremonies a few years ago, and he clearly stated that he bases his ceremonies off of the Jewish religion and he doesn't co-officiate. The second Rabbi was more free spirited, solely preforms interfaith marriages, and he shared a lot of the same beliefs as Mr. Peep and I. Yet, we really felt like we connected with the first Rabbi and that we could learn a lot from him.

On the surface, it was an easy choice. We informed the first Rabbi of our decision and spread the word to the family.

Soon after Poppy Peep asked me to call him to discuss the wedding. At first I thought he was worried about the cost of the wedding, but really, he wanted to discuss the ceremony.

This conversation lead to the hardest wedding decision that we have faced yet.

Do you and your future spouse share the same religious beliefs? Who is officiating your wedding?

Friday, January 30, 2009

January Down. Hello February!!

I have to write this post. It's not exciting for you the reader, but I just have to write it.

What am I talking about? My January list of to dos. Over the last month I feel like I have been swallowed up by all things wedding, but the good news is: I actually accomplished a boat load of stuff. Here I go in no particular order:

1. Order bridesmaid dresses. Check.
2. Find a venue for the rehearsal dinner. Check.
3. Finalize invite order. Check.
4. Look for wedding rings. Check.
5. Look for undergarments for the big day. Check.
6. Figure out who is going to marry us. Check.
7. Research hair and makeup. Check.
8. Book the hotels for our honeymoon. Check.
9. Order linens. Check
10. Workout three days a week. Check, check, and check!!

And one that isn't on the list: buy more potential wedding day peep toe shoes. Opps.

I am exhausted just looking at the list. But if feels so freakin' fantastic to get all these things done.

February may be just as busy, as I hope to finalize a bunch more stuff. Like finish those DIY projects that I started and gave up on.

And the good news is, I should be blogging about the stuff above that I haven't mentioned yet. Like the AWESOME venue that we are booking for our rehearsal dinner. If I could go back in time to my venue search, I would have had the reception for the wedding there.

Anyway, this post was just for me to purge my list for January. Onwards to February!! And one day closer to May.


How's your to do list looking? Do you get excited to check things off your wedding to do list?

Here we go...


Here we go.

Pittsburgh's going to the Superbowl!

I just had to give a shout out to the Pittsburgh Steelers! I know that there are at least a couple Pittsburgh Steelers fan on Weddingbee.

While I have never even been to Pittsburgh, Mr. Peep and I met while watching the Steelers make their way through the Playoffs to the Superbowl against Seattle in 2006! What I didn't mention was that Mr. PT and I texted throughout the entire game- mostly bantering back and forth about the bad calls they were making against Seattle. Both of our sisters (who we were both respectively with) thought we were crazy. But I really do think that our relationship started that day over football and text messages (sounds like love, right?).


Anyway, three years later, as we are about to get married, the Steelers have made it to the Superbowl once again. The best part- this year we get to watch it together.

While we may not be waving a terrible towel, we will be rooting for the Steelers on Sunday with the same folks we watched the playoff games with three years ago.

Go Troy!!

PS Mr. Peep grew up in Arizona, but I think we have to root for the Steelers for the sake of our relationship. That, and I am afraid of what the Best Man will say at our wedding if we don't!

Do you have a moment before your first date that defines your relationship?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Sweet Send Off

A good friend of mine is off to Hawaii on Monday for her wedding in Maui, at the Four Seasons no less! In order to send her off in style, a friend organized an afternoon tea for the three of us at Lovejoy's Tea Room.

I am not much of a girly girl, but this was the perfect place for us to catch and talk all things wedding.

You walk in and your table is reserved just for you:

We ended up ordering High Tea for three, which included little sandwiches, delicious scones, cookies and some wild greens. How come sandwiches taste so much better when they are little and the crusts are cut off?

Here's the three of us after we finished our meal, bellies full with delicious goodness:

We finished the meal with the cutest little petifores. Really, what's not to love!

This would be a perfect place to have a bridal shower or other gathering. There were tons of groups and even a birthday party for a sweet little girl.

Also, Kerri- Here's to you and your big day!! I can only imagine how beautiful your day will be!! Have an amazing time and don't forget to soak up all the love! And I can't wait to see pictures!!

OXOXO, Peeps

Have you done something ultra girly for your wedding or a friends wedding and had a blast?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bridesmaid Love

I left you wondering what I was going to do with my bridesmaid dresses. Of course, the first person I called was Mama Peep. She always gives sound advice. Both of us weren't worried about the dresses arriving on time, but we were worried that if they didn't fit- they wouldn't have time for alterations.

All of my bridesmaids are super busy gals; wait, aren't we all? No these ladies take it to a whole new level: one runs her own business and she will be completing her MBA two weeks before my wedding, anther one is about to move across the country, and we all know that my sister now has her hands full with two little munch kins and a new business.

So, I came away from our phone call with two great options:

1. Skip the expensive dresses and have them choose a J. Crew dress.

2. Let them choose which dress they want individually- J.Crew, Melissa Sweet, Vera Wang- their choice.

Honestly, I love the look of choosing a color and having a variety of gowns, so these choices totally worked for me. After realizing that flexibility was key- Option 2 it is.

Unfortunately, this busy little bee would not have time to craft one of those handy dandy- will you be my bridesmaid and wear this gorgeous dress DIY cards that I love. Instead, I frantically crafted an email explaining the situation and potential urgency to all my ladies and sent it out on Friday afternoon of a three day weekend!

And here's where the endless bridesmaid loves comes into play:
First, they all responded eager to help in any way that they could.

Two, they all wanted to match! Seriously, my best friend said, 'I think it would look really good if we all wore the same dress, is that cheesy?' I think I dropped the phone when she said that- I was shocked!

Three, they all wanted to go with the more expensive dresses.

Four, they all rushed out and got measured and ordered the dresses within the week!!

And five, they have all promised to try on the dress as soon as they get it and have it altered ASAP!

So there you have it. My ladies have to be the best bridesmaids out there, if I do say so myself! And just in case you have forgotten what the dresses look like:

Sister Peep will be sporting this amazing Vera in chocolate:

While the other three ladies will be sporting this amazing Melissa in tiramisu! Doesn't it just sound scrumptious?

Since they did splurge on some fairly expensive dresses I decided to cover the cost of the 2 day Fedex and the sales tax! Really the least I could do, and for now, that is one more task checked off the list. I have my fingers crossed that all the dresses will fit and be on time!!

Has your wedding party surprisingly shocked you, in a good way??

Monday, January 26, 2009

Dresses for the Ladies

When I first thought about what my lovely ladies would wear on the big day, I instantly thought that I would dress them in the cutest and easiest bridesmaid solution there is: J. Crew. I thought that they could just pick out any dress in Chocolate Brown and we'd call it a day. Plus, the dresses are fairly affordable in comparison to other dresses and they all seem to go on sale at some point!

I mean, how cute are these:

PS this last one is currently on sale for 69 bucks!!

Yet, like everything wedding related, it wasn't that easy. A good friend of mine swore by Bella Bridesmaid in the Marina- it's an entire store just for Bridesmaids and they have stores all around the country- check it out.

This summer after going to Haute Bridal down the street to try on wedding dresses, I dragged Sister/MOH Peep and a good friend of mine to check it out. My sister was 5 months pregnant, so I really didn't think that we were seriously looking.

Yet, within 15 minutes of walking into the store they had tried on more than a dozen dresses. And Sister Peep had slipped on a dress that she loved! Enter Vera:


She loved it, it came in a great chocolate brown, and even at 5 months pregnant she looked awesome! Price wise it wasn't what I had in mine, but first and foremost I wanted my ladies to love what they are going to wear. I thought the other girls will look great in it, and if they didn't like it- there were two other dresses in the collection that they could choose from.

A month later, FSIL Peep and Bridesmaid K came to San Francisco for our engagement party, so I scheduled a quick trip to Bella before they both went home.

They'd probably kill me for posting this picture- we were all exhausted and hungover from the night before, but Mama Peep insisted on taking a picture (shh, don't tell Bella, I don't think pictures were allowed):

FSIL Peep, Bridesmaid K, and me. Just check out the rack of dresses! And that is just the half of it.

Turns out that on their petite frames the Vera's were not looking so hot. Enter Melissa:

As a well endowed bride I would have never picked out this strapless number, but both of them really liked it. And like I said, my main goal was letting the girls pick a dress that they would actually enjoy wearing!

Due to a few circumstances, one being Sister Peep's pregnancy, we put off purchasing the dresses.

I contacted Bella a couple of weeks ago to find out that Melissa Sweet Dresses take 16 weeks to order!! Gasp, that means they would arrive only two weeks before the wedding!!

Up next, do we take a chance and risk ordering the Melissa Sweet dress? Or go to the stand by- J. Crew??

PSA: Listen up all June Brides- if you want your ladies to wear anything from the Melissa Sweet, Vineyard, or Priscilla of Boston collections- you must order your dresses within in the next couple weeks!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fumble and Recover

This is a hard post to type- seriously, I poked myself with a seam ripper and I have a band aid on my right pointer finger and it is making it hard to physically type.

I've spent a ridiculous amount of time in the last few weeks working on several crafty DIY projects that I thought would be amazing!! And if you've noticed, I haven't blogged yet about any of them- well, except for this ridiculously easy project.

Why haven't you seen the rest of them-- they've been failures.

I wasn't joking when I stated in my opening post that I was DIY challenged, and I think after this weekend I have taken it to a whole new level.

My goal this weekend was to sew up a wedding purse for myself, make-up bags for my bridesmaids, and a ring bearer pillow.

And what do I have to show for it: one purse that now has a small blood stain on it (from poking my finger), another non-wedding day worthy purse, a bunch of half finished, bits of fabric, and one decent ring-bearer pillow that took way too long.

You may think that my project list was ambitious, but I thought I was totally prepared: I had a pattern for the purse I was making myself; I have successfully made make-up bags in the past; and a ring bearer pillow is seriously home-ec 101, so I thought I was pretty safe.

Here's where I went wrong:

1. On the purse I made myself, I skipped a step. Only now am I realizing that my fatal flaw was to not follow the directions verbatim. While, I finished the project, if I had followed the directions, I would have taken the project from everyday worthy to wedding worthy.

2. While I was prepping to make my bridesmaids make-up bags, I thought that instead I should make them little clutches (a la Miss.. shoot I can't even remember who's post I was trying to copy). This was fatal flaw #2- nothing in DIY land is simple, nor should you ever think that it is easy to stray from what you know.

3. I second guessed myself. I made a fairly cute ring bearer pillow, but then I thought I could make a cuter one with some of the left over silk fabric from my chair sashes. I spent two more hours on this project before I realized that the ring bearer pillow I made is actually cute enough.

4. I jumped right in without doing proper research. This may be the most important rule of all DIY projects- research, research, research- if you can't find it on the web or weddingbee ask someone to help you.

Dare you ask why I am writing this post with a list of mistakes that any kindergartner knows to avoid!?! Well, I figured if I was stupid enough to think that DIY-ing is easy, there has to be another bride out there thinking the same thing. In my every day life- outside of being a bride-to-be- I take on one, maybe two crafty challenges a year. And while I half ass most of them, I usually don't care because I am the one who has to deal with the sloppiness of my work. But in wedding land DIY- everyone will see my mistakes and fumbles. Most importantly, for the first time I actually care about the final product.

So, after I fold my clean laundry and clean our apartment (both tasks on my to do list that got pushed aside this weekend), I hope to pick up the DIY ball again and try again. This time with a lot more patience.

I will hopefully also remember something else fairly important, some DIY projects are failures no matter how many times you attempt them.

I leave you with a picture of my DIY ringbearer pillow. This project cost me nothing out of my wedding budget as I already owned all the materials. Let me know if you want a paly-by-play on how I crafted this, but I pretty much kept to the rule book on this one:

So, I ask the hive- Is anyone else totally frustrated with DIY projects that have gone wrong?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ring Check

Right after Mr. Peep and I got engaged, we jetted off to Hawaii for a vacation with his family. This left me in a very odd position- all I wanted to do was show off my new sparkling engagement ring, but ocean and new ring just don't mix. Not to mention, as soon as we landed, we found out that our fax to get the ring insured did not go through.

So, I found myself in Hawaii with an uninsured engagement ring that was still a bit too big.I pictured our Hawaiian vacation ruined, and me spending the rest of my vacation searching through the sand with this guy:

After a bit of a debate with the Mr., we decided it was ok to wear the ring pool side, etc. But if we were to go to the beach or in the water, I'd have to put on what we termed - a stunt ring. (I at least wanted people to know that I was engaged!!)

This is when Mr. Peep invented ring checks. He'd yell out Ring Check, make me stop whatever I was doing and show him my finger with the ring on it.

Thankfully, we were able to get the ring insured while we were on vacation, and when we left Hawaii I put my sparkler back on and the stunt ring back in my jewelry case.

Fast forward 13 months, I am on the bus on my way to work and Mr. Peep calls me. He asks if I forgot something at home. I had left my mittens that I had gotten over the holidays at home because the weather had warmed up, but that wasn't why he was calling. He promptly let me know that he found my engagement ring on the bathroom counter in case I missed it later that day. Big OPPS.

The whole day I felt odd. I couldn't just flash my sparkling ring that yells 'sorry buddy this girls taken' to the guy in the elevator who was checking me out, well, at least I thought he was checking me it. No one noticed that I didn't have my ring on at work, but I felt naked without it.

I ran home cleaned my ring and put it back on my finger where it will remain for the rest of my days.

But wait, there is a point to this long drawn out story. This weekend I noticed that one of the prongs seemed to be snagging on everything. After further inspection, both Mr. Peep and I realized that it needs to be fixed.

So once again, my sparkling ring was put away, and I put on the standby stunt ring. My week has been crazy busy, so unfortunately getting my ring fixed has been put off until this weekend.

But here's the thing. I miss my ring, but my plain silver band stunt ring seems to do the trick. I realized this week that while I love my ring, I love it because it sits on my left ring finger. You could say that I am just into the status symbol it provides, but really, I just love that I get to show to the world how much I love Mr. Peep and that he is my one and only!!

It has made me truly appreciate that it's not the size of the sparkler, but the reason behind it. Maybe I am just figuring this out late in the game, but it's better late than never, right?

Oh, and Mr. Peep still yells across the room every now and then- Ring Check.

Have you ever forgotten your ring? Or had to wear a stunt ring?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy Aisle Decor

Months ago I saw a picture of a sash tied over the end of an aisle chair, and I thought it really added a simple touch to dress up the ceremony decor. I have never been able to find that picture again- even after over an hour of research, but I have kept the image in my head.

Here's our ceremony site set up for another wedding.

It looks kinda boring, but the aisle and my budget are too small for flowers. So I took the fabric I found at the LA garment district, and made me some homemade aisle sashes:

Here's an up close picture:

All I did was cut the fabric in strips and sewed them down the long side wrong side out. Then turned them right side out, added bit of ribbon, and voila 12 aisle sashes!! I originally sewed the ends together too, but it looked off so I just left the ends open.

Here they are waiting for the big day!

I think I want to save the $30 bucks and forego an aisle runner, but I found out that we can line the aisle with flower petals. And we will have a Chuppah at the end of the aisle.

What do you guys think? Do you think our ceremony will be decorated enough? Or do you have any other easy-peasy decorating tips??

Houston 'House'-pitality

As I said before, everyone was excited to celebrate our engagement. So I flew down south with Mama Peep Toe for my first shower. Even though the City was just recovering from Hurricane Ike, we both got an amazing introduction to Houston 'House'-pitality!!

My future in-laws, including Mr. Peep's Mom, sister and two Aunts hosted an beautiful afternoon lunch at Grotto Ristortorante. I'd highly recommend it to any Houston Bride looking for a place to host a lunch or dinner!

Here I am with Mr. Peep's family. I was so happy for the few faces that I knew, and I felt so lucky that women I had never met had come to shower me with love!

Each attendee was instructed to bring their favorite recipe and they were given recipe cards to fill out and decorate. A few of the recipes I received had been family secrets for generations!! Yummy!!

Future Sister Peep crafted this amazing recipe box with old cutouts of 1950's ads. I love it!! I am getting such a crafty Sister In-law!

After lunch, we played one shower game, which I actually loved. FMIL and FSIL Peep wanted the ladies to get to know Mr. PT and I better, so they asked me a bunch of questions that Mr. PT had answered the night before! Even though I was hyped up on cough medicine with codine (I was so sick the week of the shower, I am still amazed I made it to Houston), I thought I did pretty well. Here I am laughing that Mr. PT knew my favorite dessert!!

And finally, the most terrifying part of any shower-- Opening presents in a room full of women that you barely know. There were times when I couldn't remember who was who, and had to ask FSIL Peep to tell me who to thank. I think by the end I knew everyone's name. My in-laws really do have the sweetest friends!! Growing up in LA-LA-land, I have always been suspicious of overly friendly people, but by the end of the shower I realized that these women were honestly the most gracious people I have ever met.

And what shower isn't complete without a Mixer. Yes, my future in-laws went above and beyond and got me my green mixer that I LOVE!! The best part- they shipped it directly to our house so I didn't have to worry about getting it home!

But my favorite present of the day was our Crate and Barrel Compost Pail. The women who gave it to me said she had to meet the Bride who registered for this item:

It now sits on our counter and collects all of our food scraps for composting!

I thought being the guest of honor at a shower would totally overwhelm me, but really what was overwhelming was how genuinely excited each women was about our pending marriage. Plus, the weekend gave Mama Peep and I a chance to get to know Mr. Peep's family better, and let me tell you- I can't wait to call them family!!

I also have to say, I left Houston that weekend with a better appreciation for Southern Hospitality!! You ladies in the South, are the most genuine people I've ever met!

How did your first shower experience go? Did you have to fly out of state or to another region of the US for it? Did you know everyone who was on the invite list?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

San Francisco Bridal Event

I just saw this post on Huckleberry Karen Design's Blog.

It's a bridal event called Lovely Details.

I have marked my calendar, so should you. Hope to see some other Bay Area Bee's there!


Hive, I need your help, stat!

While Mama and Poppy Peep were in town over the Holidays, we all went down to Hotel Vitale and met with the new Event Coordinator. The meeting was fantastic. Since we had never met before, she wasn't 100% sure about everything in our contract, so her and I sat for over an hour answering each others questions. While everyone else just sat and soaked it all in. I have to admit, the coordinator I met with originally was nice, but this women is AWESOME. It felt so nice to talk to someone who is just as concerned about the details as I am.

That said, I found out one pretty important piece of news. The hotel does not have all white linens like I thought. They have olive. Here they are in all their glory:


Which just doesn't go with our color scheme, and doesn't look all that exciting.

The bad news: We need to rent linens.

The good news: We only have 8 tables, and the hotel just emailed me and said that if we order our linens by January 31st the rental company will give us a discount.

So hive, I need your help. I can't decide for the life of me what linens to choose.

First up, some inspiration. Remember, our theme is modern organic. Here are some pics I love:

This one is taken from our own Weddingbee Pro: Angel Swanson

But Mr. Peep is afraid that it will look too dark.

Here's my original inspiration from another one Weddingbee Pro: Nancy Liu Chin:

Mix these two centerpieces together and you have my centerpiece inspiration. This one is from our own Mrs. Bee's Wedding:

And this one from my florist, Huckleberry Karen Designs:

And finally here are our choices: (insert survey)

A. Plain Ivory

B. Hazelnut Brown

C. Specialty Ivory

D. Specialty White

E. I am totally over reacting to the Olive Tablecloths and drinking too much of the wedding industry Kool Aid- Don't order linens.

I know the Hive is the only place that would understand this decision. So tell me, which color should I pick? And which one exudes Modern Organic?

Source for the linen samples.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Brotherly Love

Brother Peep was tasked with toasting Mr.Peep and I at our engagement party. First off, my brother is a writer; second, he and his wife have been together for about 12 years and married for over six years, and they now have two of the most ridiculously cute kids ever, and third, he's one of the best guys out there, and possibly the best Dad EVER.

So to me, his advice is worth taking. Here's his toast to us, word for word:

Okay, so I'll admit it, I don't know the secret to the perfect marriage. I don't know if such a thing exists. Because I think if marriage was perfect, it wouldn't be. I won't waste your time philosophizing about the key to a successful marriage. For each couple that answer is their own. What I will offer are 10 bits of wisdom I have gleaned from my time as a husband and a Dad. That's right, 10, because that's what the marketing department came up with.

1. Never waste an opportunity to say I love you, never forget to ask. "What can I do to help?"

2. Take time to walk on the beach together, it's good for the soul. Conversation is always better with the sand between your toes.

3. Getting out of the house will always be frantic in the morning. It'll only get crazier. Don't leave without a hug and a kiss. The world will wait the five seconds. Same is true when going to bed. Always kiss goodnight. Even when you're so exhausted you can barely lift your head.

4. The days are long, but the years are short. Appreciate what you have today, it goes by fast.

5. Listen but be heard. Enough said.

6. Go on date nights together. Remember why you fell head over-heels in love with each other in the first place. Besides one of you won't have to do dishes.

7. Touch, a lot. Back scratches, shoulder rubs and massages are always welcome.

8. The time you spend together is more important than how much money you make apart.

9. As a general rule of thumb, a bottle of wine at sunset is one of life's true pleasures. Don't complicate it talking about work. Talk about something important.

10. You're a family now, find love, peace, confidence, respect and everything that makes the human spirit shine within that relationship. What you give is what you get.

So, please join me as I raise a glass to Miss Peep and Mr. Peep
with the words of Dylan:

May God bless and keep you always.
May your wishes all come true,
May you always do for others
And let others do for you.
May you build a ladder to the stars
And climb on every rung,
May you stay forever young.

Congratulations, you two, we love you.

People laughed...

People cried...

And Mr. Peep and I were so humbled by the experience. I could barely keep it together:

My Brother really made the entire night so special and memorable.

So here's a toast to Brother Peep. Did someone special to you give you a toast that knocked your socks off??

Sunday, January 11, 2009

And the winner is...

As I sit here and watch the Golden Globes, I can't help but notice all the white/ivory/champagne dresses on the red carpet. Maybe since I am a bride-to-be I am more acutely aware of these dresses, but I like to think that they wish they were brides-to-be themselves.

So here are my nominations for best bridal like appearance:

Best Vintage Glam:

Best Goddess-esque:

Best Alterna-Bride:

Most Romantic:

Best all out Glam:

Most Traditional:

Best Destination Wedding Dress:

Best Modern Dress:

And my absolutely favorite of the night, I'll just call this one: Best Dressed

And I can't forge the lovely bridesmaids. So, here are the best bridesmaid-esque dresses:

Best Black Tie Bridesmaid Dress:

Best Cocktail Party Bridesmaid Dress:

Best Garden/Springtime Bridesmaid Dress:

There you have it, the winners according to Miss Peep.

If only a stylist like Rachel Zoe would help style me on my wedding day (well, really every time I step out in public).

What's your favorite look? And which picture most resembles your dress?

All the pictures were found here.