Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bridesmaid Love

I left you wondering what I was going to do with my bridesmaid dresses. Of course, the first person I called was Mama Peep. She always gives sound advice. Both of us weren't worried about the dresses arriving on time, but we were worried that if they didn't fit- they wouldn't have time for alterations.

All of my bridesmaids are super busy gals; wait, aren't we all? No these ladies take it to a whole new level: one runs her own business and she will be completing her MBA two weeks before my wedding, anther one is about to move across the country, and we all know that my sister now has her hands full with two little munch kins and a new business.

So, I came away from our phone call with two great options:

1. Skip the expensive dresses and have them choose a J. Crew dress.

2. Let them choose which dress they want individually- J.Crew, Melissa Sweet, Vera Wang- their choice.

Honestly, I love the look of choosing a color and having a variety of gowns, so these choices totally worked for me. After realizing that flexibility was key- Option 2 it is.

Unfortunately, this busy little bee would not have time to craft one of those handy dandy- will you be my bridesmaid and wear this gorgeous dress DIY cards that I love. Instead, I frantically crafted an email explaining the situation and potential urgency to all my ladies and sent it out on Friday afternoon of a three day weekend!

And here's where the endless bridesmaid loves comes into play:
First, they all responded eager to help in any way that they could.

Two, they all wanted to match! Seriously, my best friend said, 'I think it would look really good if we all wore the same dress, is that cheesy?' I think I dropped the phone when she said that- I was shocked!

Three, they all wanted to go with the more expensive dresses.

Four, they all rushed out and got measured and ordered the dresses within the week!!

And five, they have all promised to try on the dress as soon as they get it and have it altered ASAP!

So there you have it. My ladies have to be the best bridesmaids out there, if I do say so myself! And just in case you have forgotten what the dresses look like:

Sister Peep will be sporting this amazing Vera in chocolate:

While the other three ladies will be sporting this amazing Melissa in tiramisu! Doesn't it just sound scrumptious?

Since they did splurge on some fairly expensive dresses I decided to cover the cost of the 2 day Fedex and the sales tax! Really the least I could do, and for now, that is one more task checked off the list. I have my fingers crossed that all the dresses will fit and be on time!!

Has your wedding party surprisingly shocked you, in a good way??

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