Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bridal Shopping Angst

When you first get engaged, everything is so freakin' exciting!! It's like the doors opened to a whole new wonderland that I had no idea existing.


YET there was one part about wedding planning that I totally feared: Dress Shopping.

I know that to some dress shopping is the most exciting part- so exciting that Sister Peep couldn't wait to take me to all the best places in San Francisco ASAP, but me, I was scared *#$%-less to go.

Why?? (Insert ridiculously honest blogging moment here): I was so scared that nothing would fit, and I was even more terrified of what a big white puffy dress would look like on my body. I had heard about dress shopping from Sister Peep and SIL Peep, and it didn't sound pretty to me:

They have one size sample, they come into the dressing room with you to help put it on, and 'make' it fit you.

Nothing is petite or small on my body, not even my elbows or calves, and especially not my assets!! It didn't help that I had recently gone dress shopping with a good friend who is a street size 0- and she ordered a size 8 wedding dress. Ugg. What size would I need to buy??

But, shortly after I got engaged and found the wedding blog mecca that is Weddingbee, I read a blog post from Mrs. Kiwi: Her Regret. IT hit me. I needed to embrace myself- extra assets and all- and find myself the most perfect wedding dress for me!!

It still took me another FIVE months to set a date with Sister and Mama Peep Toe to go dress shopping (and even that was under a bit of protest!!) But I did it. I tried on the good, the bad, and the ugly. And yes, all of my worst fears about dress shopping did come true at some point, but I let it roll off my back because I found 'it'- the dress I feel beautiful in!! Mrs. Kiwi- I don't know if you still read Weddingbee, but your post helped me embrace my biggest bridal angst, so I thought I would write this in case there is another Bee in the Hive who is also dreading trying on big white puffy dresses.

Up next, I wade through sequins and puffiness to find the one. Mr. Peep- you are officially band from reading weddingbee until I say otherwise!!

Anyone else out there have bridal dress shopping angst??

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