Sunday, January 4, 2009

Even Mr. Peep loves a good sale!!

So you already know about my shopohlic ways, and how much I love a good deal. But let me tell you ladies, Mr. Peep also loves a good sale.

When I said awhile back that he has champagne taste on a Bud Light budget, I am not kidding.

A few months ago, Mr. Peep and I made a second trip to Bloomingdales to finish off our registry (we just didn't have the stamina to finish it in one day, and really, it gave us (aka me) another reason to go to Bloomies). After we finished up downstairs, I politely mentioned that we go up to the Men's department and just check out the suits. Since we were registered at Bloomies, we'd receive 15% off Mr. Peep's attire, so Mr. PT reluctantly obliged to go see what they had.

Then we found out that it was the last day of a suit sale. This was the straw that broke the camels back, finally Mr. Peep agreed to actually try on one suit.

And when I say one suit, I mean it. He tried on one suit and fell in love with it. It's chocolate brown, Burberry Suit (he's such a label whore), and at the end of the day- it was 40% off!

I couldn't believe that after all the dresses I tried on, Mr. PT got away with only trying on one suit!!

The madness that is Mr. Peep's obsession with a good deal didn't stop there. My BIL also loves high end men's wear and always goes shopping the day after Christmas. He actually convinced Mr. Peep to go shopping on Black Friday in Downtown SF for ties.

That is how I found myself on December 26th waiting for Pink to open with a dozen other gay men of San Francisco. But let me tell you, the sale didn't disappoint. A good selection of their ties and shirts where 50%, and Mr. PT was able to find a tie and shirt that looked great and held true to the stores name. I give you Mr. Peeps attire:

I think it looks pretty smashing if I do say so myself.

After Pink, I was able to deflate Mr. Peep's head a bit and I got him to duck into the Macy's Men's store. We still had ties to buy for our dad's, his two groomsmen, and the ushers. Since I still wanted Pink to only be an accent color, and I wanted Mr. Peep to stand out, we were looking for green ties. But not just any green- a green that pops!! And low and behold, at 50% off plus another 15% off for Black Friday, we found 7 green ties that all- kinda go together:

The one on the far left is for my Dad- he's such a traditionalist when it comes to ties- I still can't imagine him ever wearing this tie again.

Here they are with Mr. Peep's tie:

I think it looks pretty good together.

Now the hard part. Finding suits for the two groomsmen. I am leaning towards having the two guys buy khaki suits, like this picture here (but minus 10 guys):


They aren't 'suit guys.' So I feel bad making them buy a suit.

Does anyone know somewhere near SF that you can rent suits??

If they do buy suits, any suggestions on where? And should I have them buy Khaki (which I think will be easier to find) or try to find a brown suit? I should say that the bridesmaids are wearing brown, so I am a bit afraid that there is going to be too much brown.

And how much did your groomsmen spend on their outfit? I know that a tux rental can easily be $150.

Help Hive!! Our men need suits!!

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