Sunday, January 11, 2009

They're Engaged!!

After being engaged for over eight months, we finally let my sister and brother along with their collective families throw us an engagement party!! It actually ended up being a crazy celebratory weekend since both our families flew in from out of town.

Brother Peep picked out the invites from Wedding Paper Divas, they were perfect for a summer Engagement Party!!

We kicked off the weekend by hosting a dinner at our house; most of the family had yet to see our apartment (including Poppy Peep) even though we had been living together for over a year. I felt like so much was going on I didn't want to be freaked out about cooking too, so we ordered in from our favorite Puerto Rican restaurant, and had a blast.

Here I am setting up the inside table, which we ended up renting (we had a lot of family in town, and I was totally trying to impress):

Here's the outside of our 'shared' yard, where our kitchen table went:

And here's everyone gathered outside eating:

And everyone gathered around the impromptu cupcake tasting.

The entire night so fun, but the whole weekend really was a bit of a blur- we tried to have quality time with both families, which was hard because everyone wanted to do different things. I can't wait for the wedding- then everyone will have to come hang out with me!!!

My fam spent Saturday setting up, and I wasn't allowed to see anything or to help, which killed me:

Look they even got my 4 year old niece in on the set up action.

I was so nervous that folks wouldn't come to the party (it was a very busy weekend in SF - hello - the Outside lands Concert) that I was beyond shocked when I realized the entire house was full of friends and love ones from all periods in our lives. Besides both of our families, we had friends from grade school, high school, college and beyond all in the same room. Kinda surreal.
Here I am with a pic with my best friend from grade school, with my best friends from college (who flew down from Seattle, they rock) and a couple co-workers!!

Mr. Peep's cousin and Fiance (whoo hoo, can't wait for their wedding in Austin) also came up from San Diego:

And here's a pic of the entire Peep Clan. It had been well over a year since we had all been together, so it felt awesome to have some good family time with everyone:

And of course, Mama Peep (the family photographer) got all the details:

The night was fantastic. Again, I worried for nothing (seems to me a theme with me??). Up next, Brother Peep's fabulous toast.

Did you feel overwhelmed with love at your engagement party?

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