Monday, January 26, 2009

Dresses for the Ladies

When I first thought about what my lovely ladies would wear on the big day, I instantly thought that I would dress them in the cutest and easiest bridesmaid solution there is: J. Crew. I thought that they could just pick out any dress in Chocolate Brown and we'd call it a day. Plus, the dresses are fairly affordable in comparison to other dresses and they all seem to go on sale at some point!

I mean, how cute are these:

PS this last one is currently on sale for 69 bucks!!

Yet, like everything wedding related, it wasn't that easy. A good friend of mine swore by Bella Bridesmaid in the Marina- it's an entire store just for Bridesmaids and they have stores all around the country- check it out.

This summer after going to Haute Bridal down the street to try on wedding dresses, I dragged Sister/MOH Peep and a good friend of mine to check it out. My sister was 5 months pregnant, so I really didn't think that we were seriously looking.

Yet, within 15 minutes of walking into the store they had tried on more than a dozen dresses. And Sister Peep had slipped on a dress that she loved! Enter Vera:


She loved it, it came in a great chocolate brown, and even at 5 months pregnant she looked awesome! Price wise it wasn't what I had in mine, but first and foremost I wanted my ladies to love what they are going to wear. I thought the other girls will look great in it, and if they didn't like it- there were two other dresses in the collection that they could choose from.

A month later, FSIL Peep and Bridesmaid K came to San Francisco for our engagement party, so I scheduled a quick trip to Bella before they both went home.

They'd probably kill me for posting this picture- we were all exhausted and hungover from the night before, but Mama Peep insisted on taking a picture (shh, don't tell Bella, I don't think pictures were allowed):

FSIL Peep, Bridesmaid K, and me. Just check out the rack of dresses! And that is just the half of it.

Turns out that on their petite frames the Vera's were not looking so hot. Enter Melissa:

As a well endowed bride I would have never picked out this strapless number, but both of them really liked it. And like I said, my main goal was letting the girls pick a dress that they would actually enjoy wearing!

Due to a few circumstances, one being Sister Peep's pregnancy, we put off purchasing the dresses.

I contacted Bella a couple of weeks ago to find out that Melissa Sweet Dresses take 16 weeks to order!! Gasp, that means they would arrive only two weeks before the wedding!!

Up next, do we take a chance and risk ordering the Melissa Sweet dress? Or go to the stand by- J. Crew??

PSA: Listen up all June Brides- if you want your ladies to wear anything from the Melissa Sweet, Vineyard, or Priscilla of Boston collections- you must order your dresses within in the next couple weeks!

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Wow..! Those dresses are really very cute. I really love them.