Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ring Check

Right after Mr. Peep and I got engaged, we jetted off to Hawaii for a vacation with his family. This left me in a very odd position- all I wanted to do was show off my new sparkling engagement ring, but ocean and new ring just don't mix. Not to mention, as soon as we landed, we found out that our fax to get the ring insured did not go through.

So, I found myself in Hawaii with an uninsured engagement ring that was still a bit too big.I pictured our Hawaiian vacation ruined, and me spending the rest of my vacation searching through the sand with this guy:

After a bit of a debate with the Mr., we decided it was ok to wear the ring pool side, etc. But if we were to go to the beach or in the water, I'd have to put on what we termed - a stunt ring. (I at least wanted people to know that I was engaged!!)

This is when Mr. Peep invented ring checks. He'd yell out Ring Check, make me stop whatever I was doing and show him my finger with the ring on it.

Thankfully, we were able to get the ring insured while we were on vacation, and when we left Hawaii I put my sparkler back on and the stunt ring back in my jewelry case.

Fast forward 13 months, I am on the bus on my way to work and Mr. Peep calls me. He asks if I forgot something at home. I had left my mittens that I had gotten over the holidays at home because the weather had warmed up, but that wasn't why he was calling. He promptly let me know that he found my engagement ring on the bathroom counter in case I missed it later that day. Big OPPS.

The whole day I felt odd. I couldn't just flash my sparkling ring that yells 'sorry buddy this girls taken' to the guy in the elevator who was checking me out, well, at least I thought he was checking me it. No one noticed that I didn't have my ring on at work, but I felt naked without it.

I ran home cleaned my ring and put it back on my finger where it will remain for the rest of my days.

But wait, there is a point to this long drawn out story. This weekend I noticed that one of the prongs seemed to be snagging on everything. After further inspection, both Mr. Peep and I realized that it needs to be fixed.

So once again, my sparkling ring was put away, and I put on the standby stunt ring. My week has been crazy busy, so unfortunately getting my ring fixed has been put off until this weekend.

But here's the thing. I miss my ring, but my plain silver band stunt ring seems to do the trick. I realized this week that while I love my ring, I love it because it sits on my left ring finger. You could say that I am just into the status symbol it provides, but really, I just love that I get to show to the world how much I love Mr. Peep and that he is my one and only!!

It has made me truly appreciate that it's not the size of the sparkler, but the reason behind it. Maybe I am just figuring this out late in the game, but it's better late than never, right?

Oh, and Mr. Peep still yells across the room every now and then- Ring Check.

Have you ever forgotten your ring? Or had to wear a stunt ring?

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