Saturday, January 3, 2009

Best Part of Wedding Planning to Date...

Has to be planning the Honeymoon!!!!

I have been racking up miles for years and years on Alaska Airlines for an amazing trip. I have waited so long that I could get Mr. Peep and I practically any where in the world- except for Africa or Australia.

Now using miles isn't always the easiest route- it takes persistence. And Mr. Peep and I were all over the map.

First Mr. Peep and I thought it would be absolutely amazing to go to Chile and Argentina and go skiing, yet finding a reservation that worked was hard and we were told that there may not be snow in June. How much would it suck to fly half way across the globe for snow and find out that it wasn't there yet!!

Right about that time, SIL and BIL Peep came back from their honeymoon in Bali and raved and raved and raved about it. I called at least a dozen times to see if I could get tickets to Bali, or anywhere in Southeast Asia for that matter, but all the flights pivoted around Hong Kong, and each time we got stranded in Hong Kong with no way back.

Finally, we really sat down and talked about what we wanted. We wanted something semi-active (Mr. Peep can't sit on the beach for the life of him), some place that was eco-friendly, and after looking at all the pictures of Southeast Asia- Mr. Peep had fallen in love with the idea of an over water bungalow and I wanted some place warm.

I knew the perfect place- Costa Rica. BUT I went to Costa Rica a few years ago, and I really wanted a new adventure.

And then we saw the perfect picture:


The Eclypse de Mar in Panama!! Not only do they have over water bungalows: HELLO Beautiful Beaches:


And the Eclypse de Mar is an eco-friendly hotel!! Check, check and check.

It had all of our prerequisites. Plus, Mr. Peep can not wait to see one of these:

A poison Dart Frog.

After we have swam, kayaked, snorkeled, and relaxed our little hearts out on the beach and the surrounding Marine Reserve, we are going to spend a few days on a Coffee Farm near the Continental Divide. We plan to hike a bit, drink a ton of coffee, do a zip-line, and relax at a spa!!

Here's a pic of a waterfall near where we will be staying:


And then we are going to spend a few days exploring Panama City and the Panama Canal. Did I mention that Mr. Peep and I spent hours at the Seattle Locks back in June, and loved watching all the boats!! We really are geeks. We made sure that we will be in Panama City on a Saturday so we can take a boat tour of the locks.


This past weekend Mr. Peep and I spent hours pouring over Trip Advisor and the travel guide book he got me for Chrismakkah: Moon: Panama, and today we booked most of the hotels for our trip--I am beyond excited. We still need to figure out where we want to stay in Panama City. Any suggestions?

Oh and did I tell you the best part? We are flying first class both ways!! All on my miles!! That saved, oh, at least $3,000! I told you this is the best part of wedding planning thus far!!

What were your requirements for a honeymoon destination?? Where are you going?

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