Friday, January 30, 2009

January Down. Hello February!!

I have to write this post. It's not exciting for you the reader, but I just have to write it.

What am I talking about? My January list of to dos. Over the last month I feel like I have been swallowed up by all things wedding, but the good news is: I actually accomplished a boat load of stuff. Here I go in no particular order:

1. Order bridesmaid dresses. Check.
2. Find a venue for the rehearsal dinner. Check.
3. Finalize invite order. Check.
4. Look for wedding rings. Check.
5. Look for undergarments for the big day. Check.
6. Figure out who is going to marry us. Check.
7. Research hair and makeup. Check.
8. Book the hotels for our honeymoon. Check.
9. Order linens. Check
10. Workout three days a week. Check, check, and check!!

And one that isn't on the list: buy more potential wedding day peep toe shoes. Opps.

I am exhausted just looking at the list. But if feels so freakin' fantastic to get all these things done.

February may be just as busy, as I hope to finalize a bunch more stuff. Like finish those DIY projects that I started and gave up on.

And the good news is, I should be blogging about the stuff above that I haven't mentioned yet. Like the AWESOME venue that we are booking for our rehearsal dinner. If I could go back in time to my venue search, I would have had the reception for the wedding there.

Anyway, this post was just for me to purge my list for January. Onwards to February!! And one day closer to May.


How's your to do list looking? Do you get excited to check things off your wedding to do list?

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