Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Hive, I need your help, stat!

While Mama and Poppy Peep were in town over the Holidays, we all went down to Hotel Vitale and met with the new Event Coordinator. The meeting was fantastic. Since we had never met before, she wasn't 100% sure about everything in our contract, so her and I sat for over an hour answering each others questions. While everyone else just sat and soaked it all in. I have to admit, the coordinator I met with originally was nice, but this women is AWESOME. It felt so nice to talk to someone who is just as concerned about the details as I am.

That said, I found out one pretty important piece of news. The hotel does not have all white linens like I thought. They have olive. Here they are in all their glory:


Which just doesn't go with our color scheme, and doesn't look all that exciting.

The bad news: We need to rent linens.

The good news: We only have 8 tables, and the hotel just emailed me and said that if we order our linens by January 31st the rental company will give us a discount.

So hive, I need your help. I can't decide for the life of me what linens to choose.

First up, some inspiration. Remember, our theme is modern organic. Here are some pics I love:

This one is taken from our own Weddingbee Pro: Angel Swanson

But Mr. Peep is afraid that it will look too dark.

Here's my original inspiration from another one Weddingbee Pro: Nancy Liu Chin:

Mix these two centerpieces together and you have my centerpiece inspiration. This one is from our own Mrs. Bee's Wedding:

And this one from my florist, Huckleberry Karen Designs:

And finally here are our choices: (insert survey)

A. Plain Ivory

B. Hazelnut Brown

C. Specialty Ivory

D. Specialty White

E. I am totally over reacting to the Olive Tablecloths and drinking too much of the wedding industry Kool Aid- Don't order linens.

I know the Hive is the only place that would understand this decision. So tell me, which color should I pick? And which one exudes Modern Organic?

Source for the linen samples.

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