Sunday, January 11, 2009

And the winner is...

As I sit here and watch the Golden Globes, I can't help but notice all the white/ivory/champagne dresses on the red carpet. Maybe since I am a bride-to-be I am more acutely aware of these dresses, but I like to think that they wish they were brides-to-be themselves.

So here are my nominations for best bridal like appearance:

Best Vintage Glam:

Best Goddess-esque:

Best Alterna-Bride:

Most Romantic:

Best all out Glam:

Most Traditional:

Best Destination Wedding Dress:

Best Modern Dress:

And my absolutely favorite of the night, I'll just call this one: Best Dressed

And I can't forge the lovely bridesmaids. So, here are the best bridesmaid-esque dresses:

Best Black Tie Bridesmaid Dress:

Best Cocktail Party Bridesmaid Dress:

Best Garden/Springtime Bridesmaid Dress:

There you have it, the winners according to Miss Peep.

If only a stylist like Rachel Zoe would help style me on my wedding day (well, really every time I step out in public).

What's your favorite look? And which picture most resembles your dress?

All the pictures were found here.

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