Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Love by the Pacific: Hometown Love

Mama and Papa Peep loved that we had a small wedding in S.F., but Papa Peep loves a good party and he wanted to celebrate with everyone of his friends.

So, right after our big day, Mama Peep sent out invites for an LA reception:
(Invite from Wedding Paper Divas)

And a few weeks later, Mr. Peep and I drove down, albeit a bit hesitantly, to LA to party it up with 80 or so hometown peeps.

Once again, in different outfits, my family gathered:
Mr. Peep's family gathered:

And we were given a bit of a chance for a wedding do-over. You know- a chance to get all those pics that we missed in the chaos of the big day:

With hometown love, comes hometown friends. Mama Peep asked the Best Man from my brother's wedding to play a little music, which to him meant to pull together a profession jazz band to play all night:

Which also meant there was a lot of dancing:

Home town love also meant hometown presents!! Whoo hoo.
But as we all know, no present can compare to homemade presents. My Aunt is in the midst of breast cancer treatment, and she took the time to quilt us an amazing picture of our favorite City:
And since, Mama Peep knew that most of the folks didn't know Mr. Peep and I that well, and since Brother Peep loves embarrassing his little sister, Brother Peep and SIL Peep planned a short 'Get to know the Peeps' speech.
Never have a professional writer, who is also related to you, sum up your relationship. It was a cross between a toast and a roast. Yes, we still like to watch Gilmore Girls together.
And yes, Mr. Peep was almost arrested once for stealing his neighbors life size Santa- so he ran with a 'rough crowd' when he was 12.

I will say that it was a great way to share a bit about ourselves without having to say anything.

And talk about hometown love, everyone in this picture also attended my baby shower over three decades ago.

The party also gave Papa Peep to dress up in his snazzy sear-sucker
suit. Really, he never looked so good, or so happy:

Mama Peep did a great job planning the whole party-
I just wish there were more pictures of all her great details.
She went uber chic and had succulent centerpieces.
Unfort, this is the best pic I have:
Overall, the party was a massive hit.
We have to send a big thank you to Mama and Papa Peep:
Our hometown reception at the PV Interpretive Center was perfect.
I'd recommend the facility as a gorgeous,truly affordable LA reception
and ceremony location in a heartbeat:
If you are ever hesitant to keep the party going or to throw a
hometown party- do it.
Never turn down a chance to celebrate with your
loved ones, especially when your celebrating with the love of your life:
So as the sunset, so did our wedding festivities:
Despite our initial misgivings with all the parties-
starting in August 2008 and ending in July 2009-
all the celebrating really did make us feel truly blessed.

Are you overwhelmed with all the pre- and post-wedding festivities?
Are you going home for a hometown party or reception?

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