Monday, January 25, 2010

Love by the Bay: The End of a Journey

What to say, what to say.

I've been on this wedding blogging journey for well over a year now. My goal was to finish this adventure in a year, but alas, my heart wouldn't let me finish my recaps. So I set my goal to finish by Feb 2010.

I've been married for almost eight months and I've shared my ups, my downs and a lot of the in between with the Hive. I've loved it. Each. And. Every. Second.

But I kinda, sort of, maybe lied to you. I didn't blog about our entire wedding day.

I've left one part to the end, but here we are.

At the end.

So it's time....

The sun had finally gone down on our wedding day. The lights had begun to flicker to guide the way. So our fabulous photographer (I really can't recommend her enough), grabbed us and said it was time to leave the Hotel:
While it pained me to leave the Party just as it was getting started, these pictures alone make the whole day worth it.

So a toast to you.

For those just starting the wedding journey- may your days be full of wedding splendor.

For those of you on the verge of getting married- may your day be perfectly yours.

And for those who have already tied the knot- may your days get sweeter and your love grow deeper.

So that's it, the end of the Peep's wedding journey.

Sorry for the sappy good bye, and I promise that I'll still be poking around the hive. Feel free to follow me on twitter at @mrspeeptoe or follow my new blog about Modern Organic Living. I'm still working on finding my voice, but maybe with a little support from you, I'll keep the blog train rolling. Thank you to my fellow bees and readers, may there always be more love in the world to celebrate.

And just in case you missed anything:


theycallmecurlysue said...

Awh, what beautiful photos :) I've enjoyed reading your posts on WB and look forward to following you over on the new blog!

Wedding Blog: Wrapped in Happiness

Verdigris Vie said...

Awee.. I have some catching up to do. You are pure loveliness..


c.e.l.i.n.a said...

I just clicked over from OH happy day.

YOUR DRESS fits you perfectly & you looked STUNNING!