Monday, June 29, 2009

Good Times at the Bay Area Bee Meet Up

Yesterday afternoon, I finally got to attend my first Bee Meet Up. I left Mr. Peep on the couch with the fan on (it was a record high of 100 degrees at our house yesterday!!), and made my way over to Triple Rock in Berkeley. After reading Weddingbee for over a year and writing for it since November, I couldn't believe I was going to meet up with others who love Weddingbee just as much as I do.

We talked for over three hours non-stop, and I have to say, Bay Area Bees are pretty fantastic. I was so fun meeting a bunch of super smart, fun ladies. Plus, there was pink beer to boot, check it out:

Pictured: msprettyinpink, Bean, Pengy, fizicsGirl, ktrain, and tea.

And just to prove that I was there, here's a quick pic of Pengy and I.

I never thought in a million years that I'd be meeting up with a bunch of people that I met on the internet, but seriously I now heart Weddingbee that much more.

Can't wait for the next meet up!!

Have you attended a Bee Meetup? If not, why not!? Do it. They are so fun!

PS Ladies, I want to see pictures of your dresses!!

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