Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Peeps are Back!!

Hey Hive, The Peeps are back (do you remember us??). And surprise, surprise, we are married!!! Whoo hooo!!! The wedding was an amazing experience, and I still have to remind myself that it happened and that I am a MRS!!! Someone pinch me!! If it didn't say Mrs. Peep Toe above, I almost wouldn't believe it!!

I don't like a bragger, but peeps (by peeps, I mean guests) have been describing the wedding with one word- perfect!! And while I know of a couple (dozen) imperfections here and there- it was a perfect day.

Since the big event we spent almost two weeks on an amazing adventure honeymoon in Panama. Again, the word perfect could be used to describe our trip. Evidence here by a sneak peak photo taken from our over water bungalow (even our family hasn't seen any pics yet):

Unfortunately, upon returning from our trip we were thrust right back into a very bad reality. My (strike that) our little doggie was very sick. We spent our first night back at the Emergency Pet Hospital and the next few days at the vet. As anyone knows who has been to a late night emergency room with a loved one (with four or two legs), it was a scary experience, and I couldn't imagine being there without my husband by my side.*

But I am happy to say that after a few days of a lot of TLC, the little guy is on his way to recovery. They even put a little heart bandage on his leg:

So please forgive me for not yet posting any wedding pictures. I promise they are coming soon!! For right now, us Peeps are celebrating the fact that we are all happy and healthy!

*he, he- I have a husband!!

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