Monday, September 14, 2009

Love by the Bay: Dancing and Toasting

After our ridiculously fantastic entrance, we walked straight onto the dance floor and had our first dance.

Our first song was a hit, everyone loved it:

Although our 7th grade sway left a lot to be desired.

So it was a very good thing that we were distracted:

By the cutest little girl in pink.

And her equally cute Cousin:

Later my sister apologized for the interruption, but I gleefully thanked her for the distraction.

Before the song ended we did get a couple moves in:

While I love the tradition of the first dance, I will say it was a bit awkward- I wonder if dance lessons would have helped?? Oh well. C'est la vie.

The song eventually ended, and a very proud Papa Peep came to the dance floor.

I don't know if I mentioned it before, but Mama Peep let us borrow her and Papa Peep's song- I Left My Heart in San Francisco- which was ridiculously fitting for the moment- and also the same some song that Sister and Papa Peep danced to 5 years ago at her wedding.

A few minutes in, I was more than happy to share the moment with Mr. Peep and MIL Peeps.

And even more happy to invite all the other Father/Daughter Couples up to join in the fun:

At least I know my niece was having fun:

After our only official dances of the evening, Big Brother Peep said a quick blessing:

FIL Peep came up and said said some of the sweetest words.

Which really meant a lot to Mr. Peep:

I was nervous about what my Sister/MOH might say about how I use to follow her around like a little puppy dog.

And true to form, she kept us in stitches when talking about how I demanded to hang out with her and her friends.

Of course, I still love her all the same:

And finally, it was time to eat some amazing food:

Are you nervous for your first dance? Or any of the toasts??

Up next, the celebration continues.

Pictures by the always fantastic Amanda at Blueberry Photography.

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