Thursday, September 3, 2009

Love by the Bay: Our Vows

After sharing two glasses of wine, exchanging rings, a reading, and 7 blessings by our Peeps, it was time to read our vows.

As I stated months ago, Mr. Peep insisted that we write our own vows, which scared and challenged me. Needless to say, this personal touch was what made the day perfectly ours.

Again, I'd love to add some music to this post, so please listen below, and read our vows.

First up, Mr. Peep:

You are the only one I love and have ever loved. I knew that very day I told my Best Man I was finished dating that I wanted to be with you forever. I joke and say how did you ever end up with me, but it is the other way around. To spend the rest of our lives together is a blessing I never knew existed until you entered my life.

Your brilliant smile, your spunk, your affection have invaded my heart, my soul- where everyday I am reminded how vivacious and amazing you truly are. I cannot remember how I could have ever lived with out you.

You are my ground, my rock, my little girl, my love. I vow to always be your perfect partner, your perfect lover in between the hard times and the great times. I will forever sing your praises and gladly shout from the rooftops how truly, madly deeply I am in love with you. I promise to shower your with affection, joy, kisses, cuddles, whatever your heart desires, as long as it's within my Grad school budget.

To quote the movie you love,
"You have bewitched me, mind, body and soul and I love, love, I love you. I never wish to be departed from you from this day on."

The quote made me lose it- enter- the ugly cry face. But I had to compose myself quickly- it was my turn:

I promise to try to make you smile and laugh every day because each day you make my heart beat wildly with excitement and joy.

I promise to hold your hand today and every day until it’s wrinkly and aged because I can’t count the number of times that your hands have provided me with comfort and support.

I promise to strive every day to be the women that you inspire me to be because you are the man that I’ve only dreamed of meeting. And now I dream that our grandchildren will take after you.

I promise to love you on your best day and I promise to love you even more on your worst day.

I promise to take care of your heart because somehow you’ve captured my heart, and each day I love you more.

As you can tell there wasn't a dry eye in the house, and with that we had successfully created a small intimate ceremony that was US and no one else.

Up next, we break some glass and get the party started!!

All photos by our super stellar photographer: Amanda at Blueberry Photography.

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