Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Love by the Bay: The Icing on the Day

Our reception felt like a Whirlwind. I can say I enjoyed every moment, but the moments went by WAY too fast. I also so wish I could show you pictures of the food- but no can do. I will say that it was amazing and our Friends are still talking about it.

Before, I dive into the reception, let's put some music to the party to set the mood:

After the food, we got a chance to visit each of the tables:

We showed off Mr. Peep's new bling:

Gave some hugs:

Posed for lots of pictures with our Peeps:

But most importantly, I laughed my ass off:

Showing off Mr. Peeps awesomely-fabulous custom Converse shoes:

And well, had some moments that words can't describe:

(While my face is as ugly as it comes, it shows that even on my wedding day, my friends are able to shock and amaze me.)

And all of a sudden it was time for the Cake Cutting.

, I will love you 4-Eva.

Especially since Miette let us borrow those fabulous cake plates for no extra charge!!!!

Of course, with the Bride's permission, my Niece was the first to get in on that action:

Then we stepped up to the plate:

While I was leary of Mr. Peep, he was the perfect Husband:

Me on the other hand.

It really wouldn't have been a perfect party if someone hadn't gotten at least a little cake on their face!??

Of course I helped kiss it off:

I am pretty sure the cupcakes were a hit!!
(Picture by SIL Peep)

And with that, two more toasts and then we shake our booty.....

Any one else secretly planning on planting a little icing on your Husband's face???

Pictures by my favorite photographer: Amanda at Blueberry Photography.

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