Thursday, September 10, 2009

Love by the Bay: Wake Up, It's Mr. and Mrs. Peeps

I promise the day is progressing quickly and the wedding day recaps are almost* over. But I must say, we are finally at my very very very FAVORITE part of the day- Joining the party.

Before, I get ahead of myself, let's set the scene. Our amazingly talented DJ started the music:

(You might have heard this song recently- here)

The guests had signed our guest book:

The flowers and table numbers had been admired:

The menus had been read:

The favors had been set at each place:

The cupcakes were waiting to be eaten:

In all their swoonworthy yumminess:

Our chairs were waiting for us:

And most importantly, Mr. Peep and his men had changed into their Connies:

Finally, the DJ announced Mr. and Mrs. Peeps. And we had the most perfect moment to a most perfect day:

While I was most looking forward to our first look on the wedding day- being announced as Mr. and Mrs. Peeps was hands down my favorite moment of the day- and despite my misgivings- maybe even my life!!!!

You've heard it before, but enjoy every second of your big day!! This by far is the one moment I could live over and over again!!!

What was your favorite moment of your wedding day??

Up next, our first dance gets interrupted.

*But don't worry the honeymoon is still yet to come.

Pictures by the fantastic Amanda at Blueberry Photography.

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