Thursday, November 20, 2008

Foot Note

To interrupt the regularly scheduled program, I am going to ask you to skip ahead nine months to my latest obsession: SHOES. What a shock!?

So what you don't know is that I have a dress, and it's ivory and satin. More on that later. What you kinda know is that our colors are kelly green and chocolate brown with a touch of light pink mainly for flowers.

That said, I have reached a shoe dilemma. I HEART the latest trend of colored shoes. So much so, I stalked these shoes on from December to July when I bought them for 69.99 on final sale!! Oh yeah, baby!!

I originally thought that they would go fabulous with my dress, but now that I have THE dress. Umm, not so much. But don't you worry, I wear these all the time, and get the very best compliments every time I wear them.

Since buying them, I am having a hard time deciding if I should go with the latest color fashion trend or more traditional. Here are the current shoes I HEART:

Source: J. Crew.

Similar to my original loves, but I think the heal is going to be too high for the wedding. Not to mention, I can no longer find them on the j.crew website. UGGG.


These are just BEAUTIFUL!! But again too high and maybe be too pricey. The number looks so good in pounds I couldn't break my hear to convert the price to dollars.


Or these Stuart Weitzman. If only they didn't break the bank.

The perfect heel height, with a peep toe at a great price. But I can't pull the trigger.


These Kate Spades would also be perfect, but the price! UGG.

Obviously, I am looking for a peep toe shoe with a heel less than 3 inches in either green, ivory or brown. And apparently, I am going for something with a bow- who knew? At a reasonable price. Ask me in a few days to define reasonable.


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