Thursday, November 13, 2008

Adding some organic spice to the wedding industry.

This is my adventure in planning a modern organic wedding without the sequins and puffiness. All on a budget; in one of the most expensive cities in the US.

I have already been planning my wedding for eleven months (my God that has flown by) so I have a lot to share. I guess I'll dig right in and give the engagement story:

Here we are at brunch the morning he proposed.

I wish I could say I had no idea it was coming, but alas, Mr. Spice couldn't quite hold in the excitement. So on a Sunday morning in December, while still in bed, Mr. Spice proposed. As soon as I realized what was going on I made him get down on one knee. The dog was so confused he immediately attacked Mr. Spice, and by attack, I mean slobbered kisses all over his face. Once the dog approved, well, I don't remember much after that other than crying and shouting out YES!!

The rest of the morning was spent in an excited haze. I can't say I surprised anyone when I called with the news- Mr. Spice had clued everyone in on the plan by asking my ENTIRE family if they approved! Honestly, that surprised me the most! He had the whole day (and next day) planned with the help of Sister Sugar. He had even called my boss and asked for the day off on Monday. Later she told me that she felt like he was asking her permission for us to get married- so of course she gave me the day!!

Since that fateful day last December I have been falling down the wedding planning rabbit hole and hoping to hold on to what really matters- us!!

Hope you enjoy the adventure with me, I have already done a lot of planning, but I have a lot to go. Coming soon, the non-wedding wedding, the guest list cut in half, a 17-month-long engagement (say what, I am not getting any younger??), five months of looking for a venue cut down to three posts, and a New York Times Interview!!

So join me on the ride to make our wedding our own by adding bit of sugar and spice.

I'll leave you with the picture that you really want to see: the RING. A cushion cut, yellow sapphire. Mr. Spice did good!!!
(Please don't focus on my finger hair- I took this pic on the day of our engagement before I even knew what a wedding blog was!)

So tell me, did you know what a wedding blog was before you were engaged?? Did you know about your engagement and was it a low key affair?

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