Friday, November 21, 2008

Hunting for a Venue, Part 3

And finally, the wait is over.

For Mr. Spice and I's first anniversary Mr. Spice had FIL Spice pull in a favor, and we got to spend the night in a suite at the Hotel Vitale. It was fabulous to say the least!!! We had cupcakes and bubbly waiting for us in the room when we got there and the service was amazing!!! Mr. Spice didn't leave the room for a full 24 hours!!!

So while, I always knew that Vitale was an option, I didn't really pursue it that is until FIL Spice came to visit. We went to the Hotel for a drink so Mr. Spice's Step-Mom could check it out. As soon as we saw the outdoor terrace, she asked me why weren't looking into the Vitale as a venue?

Well, the minimum was out of our budget, and I didn't l-o-v-e the reception space. Fast forward three months later and we still weren't close to deciding on a venue. Finally, we called FIL Spice to call in another favor.

Asking favors for a wedding can be tricky. We had to figure out exactly what we were asking for, and then wait. The future of our wedding was in someone else's hands. Would the stars align and could we work out a deal???

After over a month of negotiations and five months of venue hunting, we signed on the bottom line and secured our wedding venue.

I couldn't be happier, and here are the reason this is the perfect venue for us:

1. While not a beach wedding, check out the view from the outdoor terrace. This is where the ceremony and 'cocktail' hour will be held. Can I say breath taking!! And so close to the water.

Here are Mama Sugar and Mama Spice standing where the Chuppah will be for the Ceremony! In the background is the SF Ferry Building, one of my VERY favorite places in SF.

Here is the view from the outdoor terrace that the guest will have from their seats.

2. Days before we sign our contract, Hotel Vitale released the following press statement:
"The Green Standard" Programs Incorporate Eco-Friendly Practices Throughout Every Aspect of Meetings and Events

Can we say perfect location for a GREEN WEDDING!!! Not to mention that we won't be able to decide our menu until right before the wedding so it will be local and seasonal. Another green element checked off the list!!

3. The hotel exudes Modern Organic Style. As you enter the hotel you step into a very natural and peaceful environment. Here's the lobby:

4. The Ceremony will be held on the fifth floor and the Reception on the first. No transportation needed!! Another eco- and guest-friendly element.

Here's part of the reception room, in the day-light, not set up. I know it's a dreaded Hotel Event space, but the good news is any decor I add will not be fighting with the carpet and walls.

Well, maybe I'll have to compete a bit with the carpet and walls. Here's the space set up for a meeting:


I don't love this room so I'll have to ask some advice for sprucing it up in the near future.

5. As of a few weeks ago, the Hotel hired a new event coordinator that has a background in wedding planning!! Score. She's already emailed me that she is there to help make my wedding AWESOME. Those are her words.

6. The venue is right down the street from where I work, which has been a fabulous godsend. I never understood how wonderful it is to get married locally until I hopped over to the hotel on lunch for a meeting. And if you can believe it, a few vendors have given us discounts since we are located in the City. Who would have thought that a City wedding could be cheaper??

Who knew!??

Has anyone else called in a favor to get the venue they want??

*Unless noted, pictures by me or Mama Sugar.

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