Friday, November 14, 2008

Timing is Everything.

Everyone knows that timing is everything in a relationship. When I met Mr. Spice I was ready to meet him, and he was ready to meet me. In fact, I had made a deal with myself to accept every invitation I received to go out in order to meet someone.

I had just moved to San Francisco, and I barely knew a soul other than Big Sister Sugar and all of her friends. And if I hadn't honored my own deal- there is no way that Mr. Spice and I would have met Watching football. At a Steelers bar. On a Sunday morning.

As I said before we met at a bar watching the Steelers in the playoffs. Mr. Spice's best friend is a HUGE Steelers fan, and my new roommate grew up in Pittsburg. So they both dragged us to the bar on a Sunday morning to watch the playoffs. These folks had been watching the entire season together and they were crazy excited that Pittsburg had made the playoffs- and then they won!! It was so much fun I found myself going back to watch each playoff game, and I didn't know it at the time, but Mr. Spice kept coming back to see me.

That is until I realized that the Steelers were going to play Seattle in the Superbowl. My Seattle. So, I had to jump ship; I told everyone that I couldn't watch the Superbowl with them. And somehow without me even realizing it, I gave Mr. Spice my number- loser buys a round. I never bought that round of drinks I promised, but now you know that it IS possible to meet someone at a BAR.

Timing is also everything in deciding on a date for a wedding. When Mr. Spice and I got engaged we already had FIVE weddings to go to over Summer and Fall 2008. Including Sister Spice's wedding.

I heart fall. I still wish I were a fall bride. I mean check out these beautiful wedding details!!! I love the wheat details. Very modern and organic looking, just my style.

Pictures 2 and 6 are from Design*Sponge. The rest are from Project Wedding.

But unfortunately, Mr. Spice works 24/7 during Olive harvest season which falls from October to January. Total no go. He wouldn't be able to help with anything, and a honeymoon, forget about it. So then our engagement quickly spiraled from the 10 month affair that I envisioned to 17 months!!! Not only is Mr. Spice a slave to the season, Poppy Sugar is a Tax Accountant. Any daughter of an accountant knows- from about Feb. to April 15th- he's attached to his desk.

So Spring it is!! May to be exact!! And because Mr. Spice knows how to make a girl happy- we are getting married the end of May just so we can (cross your fingers) have Dahlias at our wedding.

So here is a sneak peak at the very first inspiration board I did when we decided to have a spring wedding!

I did this so long ago I don't have all the sources. Most are from Project Wedding. Pic 3 and 6 are from J. Crew. Pic 5 is from Real Simple Weddings. And Pic Sixteen is from Miette.

I can promise that at least one of the pictures above will be duplicated for our wedding.

Is your engagement longer than you want? Did you have a hard time figuring out what season to get married in? Was it all based on someone else's schedule??

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