Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The sweetest decision ever made.

When Mr. Spice and I got engaged we knew one thing we wanted at our wedding: cupcakes!!
While we love anything sweet, cupcakes get us both excited!! I am guessing it's because we each get our own and we don't have to share.

I know that cupcakes have become a bit cliche these days. Especially in San Francisco, but we can't resist.

About a year ago Cupcakes hit the scene big time in the Bay Area. New cupcake places sprouted up everywhere, so what was Mr. Spice and Sugar to do: go on a tasting bananza!!

1. Kara's Cupcakes were big hit. In fact, our friends served them at their wedding in June. I still think about the lemon cupcake.

2. Citizen Cake was surprisingly just ok, I think they do a much better job at everything else. And by everything else I mean they make the best chocolate french toast ever!!

3. That takes the cake was new and gave us a dozen free cupcakes to taste, but they didn't light our fire.

So finally we went to the old stand by:
4. Miette. Mr. Spice and I were introduced to Miette on our first anniversary at Hotel Vitale. Miettle is located in the ferry building across the street from our venue (and down the street from my office), so since our first introduction we have had Miette cupcakes numerous times for various special occasions.

We heart Miette Cupcakes, so really there was no competition (just a reason to eat a lot of cupcakes). We had a bunch of family in town last August so we did an impromptu tasting.

Here's everyone gathered around the platter (please note that I am on the floor to be as close to the tasting as possible):

And here are the cupcakes (a bit disheveled from the ride home):

Not only are they the best tasting cupcakes in town* but:

1. they are local and ORGANIC. Yes, eco-friendly can provide the very best!

2. they are giving us a small cake to cut!

3. since they are across the street- they are going to deliver them for FREE and provide free cupcake stands!!**

4. we are getting a discount on our order since it is a larger order than normal. Not to mention, cupcakes are SO much cheaper than cake.

This was the easiest and sweetest decision we have ever made.

Did you have an easy and sweet wedding planning decision??

*in my opinion at least.
** the first of many discounts for having a City wedding.

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