Friday, February 13, 2009

Eco-friendly Valentine's Day

Alright, I realize I should have posted this last week, but for all of you Valentine's Day procrastinators, here are some Eco-friendly options.

First, I know that roses are the traditional Valentine's day flower. But they are totally out of season. Instead, ask your beau for some anemones, daffodils, and in some areas tulips, they are a cheerful way to celebrate in Season Flowers. I highly recommend checking out California Organic Flowers.

Yet if you have your heart set on roses, check out Organic Bouquet. They grow most of their flowers in South America, but they are a social responsible business, and I believe, they purchase carbon offsets to make up for the flight to Northern America. Plus, you can still order from them today to get flowers tomorrow!! These majestic roses are gorgeous!

If you aren't a flower person, chocolate may be your answer. Mr. Peep and I are personal fans of Green and Black Organic Chocolate!! And D'Orsay- it looks like they sell in the UK! The website even gives options for wine and chocolate parings. Can we say yum!

Speaking of wine, here's a pretty great list of Biodynamic Wines. I very highly recommend Unti, Quivera and Preston. And you can most likely find Benziger at your local grocery store.

Finally, if you want something a bit more romantic, make sure you light up your night using soy based candles to get you in the mood. Or if spicy is more you speed, this toy is re-chargeable and made with safe silcone and metal and this one is eco-friendly. You can even recycle your old toy!!

Just thought I'd give you some eco-friendly options to spice up your V-day!!

What are you up to tomorrow?

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