Monday, February 23, 2009

I might just have to go barefoot

Seriously. My first dress fitting is in less than two weeks, and I still don't have a viable pair of shoes to wear. And it's not from lack of research or shoe purchases. I have officially bought FIVE pairs of shoes for the big event- and I have returned four of them.

I showed you the first pair, which I actually bought for 32 bucks!!

I loved them, but then I tried them on with my dress. They are just too clunky looking.

The next few I bought barely made it out of the package before they were returned:
These showed up damaged. And were just too high.


I knew these were the wrong green, but I bought them anyway.


These too showed up damaged, yet I still tried them on with the dress and they actually looked the best. They are on their way back to as we speak (thank goodness for free returns).


And I can't find a picture of the last pair. They are from Nordstroms- olive green-ish with a bow. Also the wrong color and too high a heel. They were returned within 48 hours.

So here I am five pairs of shoes later and still nothing that works, I have found a few contenders, but I seriously need the hives help and opinion.

In my dreams I am wearing a 1. satin, 2. green or pink (or ivory in a pinch), 3. strappy, 4. 2-2.75 inch heal, and 5. not too expensive pair of shoes (meaning ideally under $100 bucks). These five qualities seem next to impossible to find.

So I present you with my top contenders- none of them hit all five quailites. Please help a girl and and tell me which one I should wear, or at least buy and try on. And if you have a better suggestion- PLEASE let me know. I just don't really want to be barefoot!!

Insert poll here!!

Contender 1. Mr. Peep's choice. He calls the shoe "Pink and Little Pink"


Contender 2. I'd get these either in white and dye them or brown. But I have to say, I am worried about dying shoes- I mean, where does a girl even go to do that?


Contender 3. These are just some sweet looking shoes.


Contender 4. I found these on J. Crew this morning and they are totally on sale. I am not sure if the ivory will match. Does any one know if these are dyable if they don't? I think these might be the safest bet, but they are on final sale, no returns!!

And finally, Contender 5. I love, love, love these sweet little shoes. They fit everything except the budget. Should I just take the plunge and buy them?? Sorry, I could only figure out how to save the small picture!!


Oh, and Contender 6. I have the perfect shoe for you, and I will comment below.

Thanks ladies. I can't wait to hear your opinions!!

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