Friday, February 20, 2009

Someting Borrowed and Blue

Even though I am planning on wearing my Mom's veil and my Grandmother's brooch, I still have a couple more Something Old's to add to the mix. The good news: they also fall under Something Borrowed and Something Blue.

Up first, my Something Borrowed. Last time Mama Peep was up visiting, she handed me a handkerchief. It was her Mother's and it's delicate and matches the wedding colors perfectly!!

Up next, is my old and blue.

A few months before I graduated college my Mom called and said that my sister wanted my Grandmother's amethyst ring. I remembered the ring, but knew that it meant more to her than to me. To make it fair, my mom mentioned that I could have a blue ring with some funky pearls on it. I totally forgot about the conversation. Come graduation day, I was surprised with the most beautiful blue ring I had ever seen. My mom had the ring cleaned and the pearls removed; no one knew how gorgeous the ring really was. For five years, I wore the ring everyday on my left middle finger- I stopped wearing it when I got my engagement ring. But I knew when I took it off that I had to wear it on my wedding day.

And because I am apparently obsessed with taking pictures of rings. Here's my something blue, my Grandmother's Aquamarine ring:

I am so excited that I will have something to wear from both my Grandmothers, who are no longer with us, on our big day.

So have you figured out your something old, blue, borrowed, and new?

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