Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Sparkling Valentine's Day

Remember when I posted about about having to take my ring to the jeweler's to get one of the prongs fixed?

Well, our initial plan was to get our wedding rings at the same place that he got my engagement ring in LA-- mainly, so we could use the friends and family discount. We even tried on rings about a year ago, and I just figured we'd be back to LA before the wedding. Yet, we have no plans to go down there between now and the wedding.

So, since we were in a jewelry store and we needed jewelry, I took it as an opportunity to coerce Mr. Peep to check out rings.

Now I don't know about your Mister, but Mr. PT has never worn jewelry, so watching him try to pick out his very first piece of jewelry was very amusing. He kept trying to yank the ring off his finger and claim it was stuck. I kept having to tell him to calm down and to slowly wiggle the ring off. Once he calmed down, the process was much smoother. After trying on six or so rings, he picked out a perfectly modern ring in white gold. Of course, it was the heaviest ring EVER. Even the jeweler commented that he couldn't have picked out a heavier ring.

When looking for my ring, I knew I wanted something that match the pave setting on the side of my ring. The problem was- the pave diamonds only go to about 3/4 of the way around the band. Fortunately, the jeweler suggested a custom ring- with pave diamonds that would line up with my engagement ring perfectly. Since they had to keep my ring to fix it, it felt like the custom ring was meant to be.

While we loved the rings, we spent a few days thinking about it. The prices were good, but we both just had a hard time pulling the trigger. Thankfully, Mr. Peep realized we were being ridiculous and ordered the rings.

About a week later we got a call saying they were ready! Just in time to pick them up on Valentine's Day!! And of course, like any good Bee, I took pictures using the flowers Mr. Peep got me for Valentine's Day as a prop:

I had to get my engagement ring in on the action:

And finally, here is a classic picture of the three rings stacked together.

The best part- they were cheaper than the price he had originally quoted us. This seemed like a wedding first. And since it was Valentine's Day, Mr. Peep let me wear the ring for the rest of the day!! Isn't he great?

Both rings are now in their little boxes in the night stand by our bed, so while Mr. Peep is getting ready for bed I can secretly look at them!

Anyone else have their rings custom made? Or get a great deal on your rings?

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