Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Paging Dr. Abbott?

I've noticed a lot of talk about names on the boards and rather than just comment, I thought it was about time I addressed the name issue in a post.

My last name is one of those super complicated Polish names. It's long, hard to pronounce, even harder to spell, and begins with the letter W. It's dreadful. I can honestly say that the only reason I ever thought I wanted to get married was to trade up and get a better last name. Women's lib aside, I want a new last name.

I even have a favorite list:

3. Kennedy.

2. O'Neil, O'Patrick, well anything that starts with the letter O and then an apostrophe or anything Irish.

and my all time favorite:

1. Abbott

Why Abbott? Because it's as close to the beginning of the alphabet as you can get. Growing up I was short and because of my name I was always at the back of the class. I hated it.

I feel like I made a promise to my eight year old self to find an Abbott and marry him, and I thought while I was reaching for the stars wishing for an Abbott, I might as well make him a doctor, right?

Wrong. My mister wonderful has one huge glaring problem. His last name begins with a W too!! Yep, that's right, my initials will stay exactly the same and my eight year old self is still sitting at the back of the class cursing me- BIG TIME.

The good news is it's shorter, easy to pronounce, and super common. All things that should make me happy. Yet I wasn't prepared for the side affects of a super common last name. Right now I can google my name and I pop up.

My new last name- let's just say I'll never make the top 10 or 100 list when I Google it. And for some reason this has kinda made me sad. I know I will change my name, but (I can't believe I am saying this) a part of me is going to miss the individuality of my maiden name. Less than four months before I change my name- and I am just now learning to appreciate it!!! Ugg. The irony of life.

So tell me, are you trading up in a last name? Trading down? Or not trading at all.

PS A good friend of mine married a girl with the same last name. Anyone else share the same name as their spouse or fiance?

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