Monday, February 9, 2009

You've got to have a game plan!!

Last week I found myself in a conversation about Brides that get their drink on. I heard a few stories about brides being hungover after the Rehearsal Dinner and having a horrible wedding day, or worse- getting too drunk at the reception to even enjoy it.

This got me seriously thinking about a wedding weekend drinking game plan. I shamefully have to admit that I got a bit too tipsy at our engagement party. To the point that I totally embarrassed myself. I claim that I was just so stressed out about the whole thing and that Mr. Peep wasn't around too check in on me (too many people to talk to- lead to no time to talk to eachother), but that's neither here nor there. I got out of control.

Back in the day, you could easily classify me as a party girl. Not a clubbing girl or a drunk, but a girl who just loved to go out and have a great time. I have to admit that being with Mr. Peep has reduced my partying ways (which is a very good thing), but sometimes when we go out, the old party girl comes out, and I still think I can hang with the best of them.

Here's a classic picture of me at my friends Bachelorette. As I walked into the third bar of the evening, I ordered 9 Bud Lights- there were only 8 of us- because I am classy like that. And then they gave us maracas (EXACTLY what we needed). I can't really show any more pics from this evening, but I can assure you this picture was the tip of the ice burg.

My few recent attempts at partying have resulted in Mr. Peep promptly taking me home. The next day he relentlessly talks about how I was swaying and being all love-y, while I am nursing a disaster of a hangover. At least I am a happy drunk, right??

Here I am the night before the same friends wedding. As you can tell, I am trying to love Mr. Peep, but justifiably so, he is having none of it. Please note that some of my lip gloss is on Mr. Peeps lips- that's right- I get drunk and I love a good smooch. Mr. Peep this picture is for all the times you have made fun of me the next day!!

Back to my reason for this post. While I may have been a self proclaimed party girl, I have realized that being wasted on your wedding day doesn't sound attractive.

I realized months ago that I actually don't want to drink at all on the big day (other than for a toast), so I realized after getting way too tipsy at our engagement party that I need a wedding day game plan.

I have to say that I tested my strategy at the weddings I went to this summer (sans the one shown above- I was just going with the crowd people- you should have seen the bridesmaids!), and I had a fabulous time at each wedding!!

Here's my problem- I always like to have something in my hands, and while I totally support drinking as much water as you can, sometimes water just doesn't seem- what's the word- fun. Especially when you need it the most- after a few cocktails. So, I started drinking soda water with a lime. It eliminates the question of- why aren't you drinking because it looks like a cocktail. And the worst follow up question ever- are you pregnant? Which is a favorite question to ask in my group of friends. Plus, it's more fun than holding a glass of water. Finally, I love the stuff and usually end up drinking at least two full glasses before I want another drink.

So other than a glass of bubbly to calm my type A nerves and a glass of bubbly to toast to my new marriage, I plan on drinking soda water all night (with a lime of course). And maybe I'll loosen up for the after party, but probably not too much. I want to remember ever moment of the big day- or at least as much of it as I possibly can. I also plan to stay sober at the rehearsal dinner. Like I said, I want to remember everything.

So there you have it. My wedding day game plan. And now that you have all read it- I'll make sure that I stick to it. And it'll make drinking cocktails on the beach in Panama that much sweeter!

Anyone else planning to stay sober for your wedding weekend?

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