Friday, April 24, 2009

Why I needed some perspective.

My last post was about My Perspective!! I am so glad that so many readers reacted so positively to my post, but I feel like I need to dive into the feelings surrounding the post and give you some background.

As I said, our wedding is next month, and this week, well, I've turned from Miss 'happy-go-lucky' Peeps to Miss 'freaked out/bitchy' PT. While others around me haven't felt or seen my wrath, poor Mr. PT has had his hands tied as I tirade around him and make demands.

It's been a low point.

A really bad low point. I got heated and I said that I didn't want the wedding any more. I want to be married, but the wedding was just getting to be too much. And as soon as the words were out of my mouth, I ate some humble pie and started to apologize profusely.

Luckily, Mr. Peeps accepted my apology and before the night was over- he had answers to my long list of questions. Seriously, this man amazes me sometimes. He puts me in my place when I am out of line, but he does it in such a loving way- a way that no one else has ever been able to do!

This low point of mine made me want to put things into perspective. YES, I want our day (more like weekend) to be phenomenal, but I also want to focus on the NOW and LATER. Not just the day. I realized that after the wedding, wedding planning will be over. I'll never experience the joys of being a bride again.

So I have a Goal #1- start embracing my ridiculously long list of detailed to-dos and put a little love and sweetness behind each one. Because if I can feel positive today about the little details- than they will be that much sweeter on the wedding day.

I also have to stop second guessing my choices. Each choice was made with love and care and at this point in the wedding planning, I have to trust myself and keep true to our vision.

So I sat down this morning and wrote out every single to-do that we have. Each email we need to write, each sign we need to print, each song we need to pick. Goal #2- do only what is on the to-do list, add nothing. I plan on sharing this list with Mr. Peeps so he knows what needs to be done- and I am crossing my fingers that a few things will spark his suppressed inner-planner and help me out. But really, if he doesn't do anything, that's ok too- he keeps me sane, loves and cherishes me each and everyday, and he puts a little (or a lot) of perspective in my life.

I can't imagine that I am the only bride with a low point. Have you had your wedding planning low point yet? Has anything/one made you stop and put things in perspective?

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