Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I've got chic, but do I have eco?

When I first started blogging, I talked about throwing a green wedding, and how with each decision we've asked ourselves: is it green enough?

I thought it was about time that I check in with that question and spend a few days (or weeks) in honor of Earth Day this month to provide a central source of new and used ways to green your big day!

Let's start from the very beginning and work our way through the planning process.

While I assume that you are addicted to, strike that, reading Weddingbee because you are already engaged, you may still be looking for that sparkling engagement ring. OR you are still looking for a wedding band.

I have four eco-friendly options for you to check out:
1. Brilliant Earth
2. Elizabeta Jewelry, I personally love this ring:

3. You could also always do what the fabulous Miss Joey did and ask for a vintage ring. A stunning option!


4. Or you could always do what Mr. Peep did and forgo the diamond and look for another gemstone (while other gemstones are not totally controversy free, gems like sapphires are often mined in countries that are more politically stable than where diamonds are mined).

And just in case you already have your own sparkler, make it Conflict Neutral and donate 1% of the cost of your diamond.

Now that you have a sparkler on your finger, let's talk about the location!! The easiest way to go green on this choice is to have both the ceremony and reception venue in the same location.

If it just isn't possible to hold both the ceremony and reception at the same location, try to hold them near each other or provide vans or buses to carpool guest from one site to the next. You have many eco-friendly options; San Francisco has a great eco-friendly bus/limo service, and in a pinch a lot of taxi's are going green by driving hybrids.

In picking a location, don't forget to ask if your event space uses eco-friendly practices. The most basic options include basic recycling (you'd be surprised at how many venues don't do this or are just starting to), local and organic food, recycled paper products, compact florescent light bulbs, reduced water and electricity usage, etc... The list goes on.

Mr. Peep and I are hosting our wedding at a JDV Hotel, which is committed to Green Events!

If can't have your wedding an a green venue, maybe you can have your wedding night at a green hotel?? Here's a list of the top 10 eco-friendly hotels in the US!! And please take note: both Kimpton and Marriott hotels are moving Green!

Here's a pic of a sustainable hotel room key, cool huh??

Just in case you can't wait for my next eco-friendly- paper free- post, read this article from the the NY Times a couple years ago, and follow up with my go-to Green Wedding Website: Portovert. It's a good first look at green vendors in your area. And finally, spend some time catching up on Eco-Chic Weddings Blog.

Up next, eco-friendly invitations!! And finally a peek into the Peep's invites!

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