Friday, April 10, 2009

Details, smitails. Less is more.

As I mentioned before, I have been planning this wedding for over 16 months!!

And I have to say that almost every day, I see at least one wedding detail that I think is so fantastic that I must have it. Yet, I decided long ago that while I love details, I would limit what I would do. Maybe this goes against the grain of the fabulous legacy of detailed Weddingbee Weddings, but for me editing details out of our day is keeping me sane and I think it allows me to practice the less is more, eco-chic mentality that I strive for.

With less than two 50-days before the wedding, I am pretty low key about the thing. I was even able to get our wedding invitations out the door with the motto- slow and steady wins the race. Granted I skipped a lot of invite details- like a beautiful pocketfold, the lovely ribbon tie, hand embossing each envelope- twice in some cases, a hand made map, an ever so crafty 'note' card, etc. You get my point.

While each of these details make me swoon, I had a friend tell me last week that I was one of the most laid back brides he'd ever seen. While he doesn't get to see the mess I've made of our apartment, it felt great knowing that I've kept some sense of self throughout this whole thing.

That said, here are some swoonworthy details that I have just said no to:

Personalized Napkins
. I love personalized napkins and I did notice what a nice touch they were at a few of the weddings I went to this summer.


For only about $30 bucks for 100 they aren't that expensive. BUT I made the mistake of looking into personalized napkins right before I met with my financial adviser. She quickly pointed out that saving just a little bit helps. So I am saving my $30 for a rainy day. I hope no one is disappointed by our ivory napkins the hotel provides.


I saw this DIY last week and thought it would be perfect!!

Especially since I love collecting matchbooks myself. But this project was quickly moved from the VERY cool pile to the VERY cool, but still not going to do it pile. It's all about editing the little details.

Fabulous Cupcake plates

And of course the totally swoonworthy, Mrs. Gummi Bears Cakes:

What would I do with 10 cake platers at the end of the day? I barely have enough room in my kitchen for one. Not to mention, this would be an expensive detail.

Shawls for the ladies

It's most likely going to be chilly so I'd love to be able to keep all the Ladies warm by providing wraps for everyone. But I have to remember that they are grown adults and they can remember to dress properly for the occasion. Another 'extra' thing struck off the list.

Cookie Favors. I love this idea.

I love the idea of baking cookies the week before the wedding and wrapping them with love. Why I said no: I don't even own cookie sheets. I swear I am registered for them, but I can't whip out cookies until after the big day.

Anyone else very carefully picking and choosing the details of their big day?

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