Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Developing our Invitations

Last time I gave you guys a sneak peak into our invitations, now I can say that everyone (well, almost everyone- it takes a long time to get to Norway) has received our invites and despite one mishap* the results are all positive!!

Since I've already talked about my bridal blunder in ordering the invites, let's jump straight into the wording. The one request from Mama Peep was that we include their names on the invite, but since the in-laws are also contributing- we thought it'd be best to include them as well. They aren't married any longer, so we had to get crafty, which worked well for us since tradition isn't really our thing. And if I do say so myself- I think it sounds great: (Peep Toe= Last Name)

Papa and Mama Peep Toe
Along with MIL Peep Toe and FIL Peep Toe

Joyfully invite you to celebrate the marriage of

Miss Peep
& Mr. Peep

Saturday, May XX
Two Thousand Nine**
At half past xxxx in the afternoon

The Outdoor Terrace***
Hotel Vitale
San Francisco, California

Reception Immediately Following

**thanks to Mrs. Cupcake's advice we removed the 'and'

***Mama Peep thought it was important for people to know it's outside

We also had to make a BIG decision on the RSVP card. We'll be having a sit down dinner and our guests need to choose between two entrees. Papa Peep made some grumbling about avoiding chicken, so even though we haven't (as in- to this day) had a tasting, we decided to throw caution to the wind and serve Beef and Fish. We incorporated a little line on the RSVP card and asked people to initial their choice. Out of the few RSVPs we've gotten NO ONE has actually initialed their choice- X's yes, but initial- no. So word to the wise- make the initial line big enough to actual initial. DOH!!

Back to the invites: once we had the wording picked out, we started developing the design a bit more. We really wanted to take advantage of incorporating a handwritten feel to our invitations. Aren't these invitations divine?

In order to reduce the calligraphy costs of our invites, we decided to only use hand calligraphy for our names, which in turn helped make our invitations look modern with a touch of classic. Here's an up close of our names and a bit of the invite:

At this point in the process, we needed to add a bit of something to make the invite stand out. These invites from Bella Figura helped get our inspiration flowing.

We'll admit to loving the small modern heart so much that we had to incorporate something like it- it just felt like us.**** And it fit right in with the rest of our design. We also decided it was worth the extra few cents in postage to use square paper to finish off our design. After a few iterations, we finally had a whole invitation:

Going with green writing was a last minute decision made by Mr. Peep and I couldn't be happier. As for the details, they were letterpressed onto Crane Lettra 110lb. card stock. And we love them!!

Up next, I'll talk about our impossible envelopes and our small (but informative) insert.

So did you have to be a bit crafty on your invitation wording??

*I accidentally sent our Best Man's invitation to his old address- aka his ex-girlfriend's house. BIG Opps. I hope he'll forgive me before the wedding.
****Now that I know a bit more about design, I know that copying an invitation design is a big no no, but in this case we based our design on the hand lettering and just used the heart to help inspire.

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