Friday, April 24, 2009

Our "Signature" Drinks

Much to Mr. Peep's chagrin, we will not be serving cocktails at our wedding, not even a signature cocktail. In order to serve even just a signature cocktail, we'd incur a $300 charge to have a bartender (we don't need a bartender to serve beer and wine- just a server). And at $10 per signature drink it just didn't sound like a smart investment.

But we will be serving signature drinks!!! How you might ask??

Well, I've talked about how we are going to be serving Sparkling Wine made by Mr. Peep's own hands, SO I am going to jazz up our Beer and Wine selection. The hotel has agreed to waive the corkage for our 'cocktail' hour if we bring in our own wine, so we are dipping into our own stash and this is what I have come up with:


His Choice

Her Choice

Our Choice
Anchor Steam


A Sparkling First Date
The Groom charmed the Bride on their first date with his handmade
S. Anderson Sparkling Wine

Destine to be my White
The Bride's new last name means white in XXXXX
Destino Savignon Blanc

Just Wed Red
Straight from the Groom's collection
He's been saving this wine for a very special day
Cliff Lede Cabernet Savignon

Here's where my cute phrases end short. Rosé is my absolute favorite (I can't drink red due to migraines- damn histamines!!). But I can't think of a cute phrase for the Rosé that I like. HELP!!

The Blushing Bride or the Dashing Groom
Insert Cute Phrase HERE
Dashe Cellars Vin Gris (Rosé)

Can you please help me come up with something? I'd love you forever!!

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