Monday, April 27, 2009

So Proud of My Mister

I rarely post about non-wedding related things regarding the Peeps, but Mr. Peep got some pretty big news this weekend, and I am glowing with excitement.

Ever since I met Mr. Peep, he's talked about changing careers or doing something more or going back to Grad School. The problem: he left undergrad with some hanging credits. A hot-headed 22-year-old walked out of undergrad and moved to California with ONE class to go. While the wine industry has been a great career for over 10 years, a couple of bad job choices finally left him wanting more.

After some soul searching, my typically laissez-faire fiance took the bulls by the horn and enrolled in a program to not only finish up his undergraduate degree, but to fulfill the prerequisites to apply for his MBA. He found an MBA program in San Francisco that not only caters to older students (since he's no Spring chicken), but that focuses on business and the environment, aka a Green MBA.

Since August Mr. Peep has been going to school 3 to 4 nights a week, working weekends, attending Grad School Open House's, and doing what he needed to do to get accepted.

And finally, this weekend he got an ACCEPTANCE email!! It was a great day in his life, and I have to say- it was a great day in MY life. I've been to grad school, I have my degree, but I did it when I was young and with no responsibility. Mr. Peep has had heaps of responsibility- a full time job, a wedding to help plan, animals to take care of, a fiance to keep happy ;), etc.

It makes me so excited to have a life partner that is working so hard for 'our' future. I've said it before, but every day he amazes a little more and I am so proud of him.

We both know it's not going to be easy, and it's going to alter our life choices for the next couple of years. But going back to school has seriously altered his mental state and created a positive force. He stands up a bit straighter, he feels more confident in his actions. And most importantly, he now believes that he can accomplish anything if he puts his mind to it (something I've always seen in him, but that he had to discover himself). The most endearing part for me, is that he has included me in every decision because he's doing this not just for him, but of 'us.'

What has your fiance done to make you proud? Are either of you going back to school or changing careers?

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