Monday, April 20, 2009

A hop, skip and a jump

Last week was one crazy week- BUT thanks to the Hive's suggestions-- I survived. I got over my cold with tons of rest, Emergen-C, Zicam, and lozenges. I was able to hop into my Boss' office Thursday afternoon and hand in my work report, skip on over to my dress fitting and then jump on a plane to Seattle for my bachelorette Friday morning! Before I tell you about the best girls weekend EVER, I finally have decent pictures of me in my DRESS!!! But please don't mind my facial expressions as I was just getting over my cold.

Mr. Peep step away from the computer, far, far, away!!!!

This was my second dress fitting- I stupidly forgot to charge my camera last time- so right away the dress fit much better. Again, Lilly, the women who sewed the dress came down from the 6th floor and started pinning me. First, the straps had been placed in the wrong place so they got out the seem ripper and got to work. Here they are in the right place- they perfectly cover up any armpit fat!

Next, the dress was still too big. By design they make it bigger- it's so much easier to take something in- and it feels so much better to know they are taking it in rather than out. So Lilly quickly went to work pinning and clipping me. The first time they did it along the sides of the dress, so this time they did it down the back. Each of the arrows is another pin:

Isn't it such a sweet little train? And yes, that's my Mom's veil that I am wearing- doesn't it go perfectly??

Here I am all pinned up. I love wearing my dress.

We decided to hold off on the hem and the bustle until the next fitting. I've seriously gone over the edge- I haven't found a pair of shoes that I love!! I know, I know. I've bought and returned at least 8 pairs of shoes at this point- I've never been this picky about anything!!

Once the pinning was done we started playing around with wraps. While it's currently 90 degrees here- I know that when the big day comes it will be cold and foggy. First up, I bought some lace, a pattern, and a few cuts and stitches later, I had a home made bolero!! It was the easiest thing EVER but more on that later. Both the seamstress and my friend K thought that the detail in the lace detracted from the dress. I may try to get something simpler and sew up another one for the next fitting:

Since my bolero wasn't quite right, we started playing with the wraps at the store. Up first- the most expensive at $210- a heavy satin. While the satin matched the dress, I think it would have been more appropriate for a winter wedding- not a late spring wedding (fog or no fog):

Then we went for something lighter- organza. Even though the wrap itself looked dingy against my dress, but it was a much better option:

Don't ask what I am doing with my arms or my silly face expression. I think I was trying not to let snot drip down on my dress as I smiled ear to ear because I was so excited that I was wearing my dress!!!

Finally, I tried on the softest thing I have ever tried on- a pure silk wrap. Again, the color here is white and I'd get one in in ivory. Both the silk and organza wrap were $110.

The silk was by far our favorite in person (I don't think you can really tell in pictures). At this point, I am going to see if I can find a better fabric for the bolero, but I am heavily leaning towards the silk. Even Mama Peep thought a great silk wrap would be perfect- and a perfect accessory for years to come.

I hope I didn't bore you will all the pictures of me!! Do you get all giddy knowing you are wearing your wedding dress?? And will you be sportin' a wrap on your big day? If so what kind??

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