Thursday, April 30, 2009

Best. Girls. Weekend. Ever. Part 2.

So the first 24 hours of my bachelorette were great, but it only got better.

After all that shopping we did, we needed a pick-me-up and what a better pick-me-up than visiting my favorite restaurant for a quick drink- The Pink Door. Visited by the lovely Avocado on her girls night out! We were in and out of the Pink Door so quickly that I didn't even get a pic. But I will say that on a nice day- or on a nice-ish day, which was the case for us- the deck at the Pink Door is hands down amazing! As is the lasagna.

After our quick drink, we all headed back to the hotel to get ready for our evening out.

Without my knowledge, Sister Peep had arranged a surprise shower for me at the hotel. Ready to go out the door at 6pm, I arrived to this:

(the food was omg delicious)

While I had two previous showers, they were both with family, not friends. And let me tell ya, a shower with just girlfriends is nothing like your mother's tea party.

(I have to say that we clean up well!!)

For starters, the number of embarrassing stories about little old me were never ending. Second, it's a well known fact that I am a klutz, so instead of wearing a veil or penis, I had to wear a bicycle helmet (well mostly for pictures):

Third: The presents are a bit more risque. Each girl had wrapped some lingerie and I had to figure out who brought what!!

I was a disaster at figuring out who gave what. And the surprise twist: Mama Peep had sent something up so I had one extra gift that I had no idea what to do with!! (Please don't tell Mr. PT that Mama Peep bought something for the bedroom- he'd die!! And it's so cute I don't want to return it.)

And finally, the dessert was decorated a bit differently:

After the fabu shower, we were off to dinner at Twist. I'd recommend this place in a heartbeat. I mean, who doesn't love a restaurant with a spinning pig as the disco ball!!

At the end of the meal, we all got a surprise. Mr. Peep had call ahead and ordered us dessert and two bottles of champagne. When the waitress told me, I almost started to cry. Here's one of the two dessert platters:

And here we are toasting to Mr. Peeps!!

Unfortunately throughout the night, I didn't get away shot free. During dinner I was handed this:

I totally struggled trying to take the shot!

I will say that before the evening started, I had made a conscience decision to loosen up my very strict 'no shot rule.' I had to have fun, right?

(do you see the very cute green clutch that I bought earlier??)

The rest of the evening included running around Seattle:

Watching my friends get hit on by a Canadian Rugby Team. Why they were dressed up as Doctors we will never know??

Dancing the night away and having a blast.

Thanks Sister Peep. I couldn't have dreamed up a better weekend!!!

Mr. Peep is off to LA for his Bachelor Party today- I hope he has half as fun as we did. Did you let lose for your big night out?

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