Monday, May 4, 2009

Movin on Up (and Down) the Aisle

For some reason (that I will never fully understand), when I asked Mr. Peep about a ceremony musician he instantly said he wanted a Cellist. I didn't have strong feelings on the subject, but I said that I would think about it. Right about that time The Secret Life of Bees came out- and lo and behold Alicia Keys was playing the cello- solo. It sounded beautiful!! I made my decision while watching the movie.

I found two great resources in the Bay Area for Cellos to hire- the music department at UC Berkeley and the San Francisco Conservancy of Music. Yet I immediately hit a road block- both only book about three months in advance. I think it has to do with the fact that both programs offer students for hire and the students don't know their schedules that far in advance.

So I patiently waited. When the three month mark hit- I immediately booked a Cellist for two hours through the SF Music to Go program. The prices are really reasonable and the program itself has great ratings on Project Wedding!

After talking to our fabulous Cellist about classical versus contemporary, I did some research and put together a mixed list that we are actually really excited about.

Mr. Peep and the rest of the bridal party will be walking out to the Beatles, Here Comes the Sun. Here's a video of the Beatles hit.

For my song, I surprisingly went traditional. I spent all weekend watching Pride and Prejudice (a movie that is totally in my top five) and throughout the movie they kept playing the same song on the piano- I loved it, and surprise surprise: It's the song that our Cellist recommended. Bach Cello Suite No. 1. Here's Yo Yo Ma playing it beautifully:

And for the recessional, I think you may have heard this one before:

I think it's a mix of fun and tradition, and our Cellist actual thinks that our selection is pretty cool!! I'd highly recommend looking into local music schools for your ceremony music.

What are you walking up and down the aisle to??

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