Monday, May 11, 2009

You Down with OTT?

Since almost all of our guests are from out of town, we need some serious Out of Town (OOT) Bags. While I was watching my pennies spent on the OOT bags, I still wanted to make sure we put a little bit of SF and a little bit of ourselves into the bags.

First up, the perfect bag:

From the Target $1 bin, reusable and the perfect size. Run, don't walk to your nearest Target to get your own. They also come in blue and tan.

As for what to put in the bag. Some of the Peeps favorite things of course:

We both love goldfish; Mr. Peep always buys mentos when we are on a road trip; and I can't live without Orbit's Mojito Mint Gum!! Plus we scored some free SF Zagats from a family member- perfect for the foodie lovers! And we bought some handy dandy 'Green Living for Dummies' handbooks.

We also plan on adding these glass containers full of M&Ms and Salted Almonds:

Here are all the glass containers that we've been collecting:

And here are all the OOT Bags together.

Some other items that I am considering adding:

An Advil Travel Pack (my drug of choice):


The new Colgate Wisp- it's a disposable travel toothbrush and toothpaste all in one:


They run about a dollar a toothbrush- and I am afraid that if people do bring their own toothbrush then these would just go to waste.

And finally, something I always seem to need, but never have during a trip full of tears of joy:

So hive, what's missing from our OOT bags? What would you appreciate as a wedding guest?

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