Thursday, May 21, 2009

Subject: Add Safety Dance

to the list of wedding music!!! SSSSSS----AAAAAA-----FFFFFFF----EEEEEE----TTTTTTT-----YYYYYYY-----SAFETY DANCE!

This was the email that I got from Mr. Peep today. And I have to admit- this song wouldn't be on my list!! But I am totally OK with that! I am just excited that Mr. Peep is excited to bust a move on the dance floor!

Here's the thing, up until a wedding last June, I could NEVER get Mr. Peep on the dance floor. It almost made me want to break up with him at his cousins wedding- seriously this Peep likes to bust a move (like the white girl I am) whenever I get the chance. I couldn't marry someone who doesn't dance.

Enter. DJ David.

Amazing doesn't even begin to describe him. Mr. Peep was out on the dance floor ALL NIGHT LONG!! I don't know how DJ David did it- other than playing an amazing list of music, but he saved our relationship (not really, but you know what I mean)!! We practically booked him for our wedding on the spot. Within 3 days of our friends wedding, we had a signed contract and had paid our deposit.

Here's evidence of the dancing Peeps, we're in the corner. Me grooving out with my eyes closed and Mr. Peep with his curly hair and glasses:

And here's one of my Bridesmaids busting her own move.

So with the wedding count down in full swing, we've both been trying to get our favorite songs on THE list. And boy do we have different taste in music. After a long night of picking and choosing our music (and a last minute email from Mr. Peep), I emailed our play list to our DJ today.

In the hope to help someone else from spending hours compiling a list, here's ours (please don't mind the misspellings and such- we're in count down mode- I don't have time to make everything perfect!!):

More parent friendly stuff:
Thank God I Am A Country Boy, John Denver
Come On Eileen
Brown Eyed Girl, Van Morrison
Sweet Caroline
Sweet Home Alabama, Skynard
Build Me Up Buttercup, The Foundations
Signed Sealed Delivered, Stevie Wonder
Can't Always Get What You Want, Rolling Stones
Satisfaction, Rolling Stones
Don't Stop Till You Get Enough, Michael Jackson
Cecilia, Simon and Garfunkel

Public Safety Announcement, The Bravery
Cherry Bomb, Spoon
I Kissed A Girl and Hot and Cold, Katy Perry (massive guilty pleasure)
Doorbell, White Stripes
Mu Man, The Killers
You're Fit And You Know It, The Streets
Paper Planes, MIA
American Boy, Adelle
Low Flo, Rida
I Don't Feel Like Dancing, Scissor Sisters
Ignition Remix, R. Kelly
Tiny Dancer
Don't Stop Believing, Journey
Paradise City, Guns n Roses
Single Ladies and Crazy in Love, Beyonce
PYT, Michael Jackson
American Idiot or anything else, Green Day
Hollaback Girl And Bananas, Gwen Stefani
Ket Me Clear My Throat, DJ Kool
Sexback or anything by, Justin Timberlake
Float On, Modest Mouse
See The World, Gomez
Panama, Van Halen
Golddigger, Kanye
Gold Frapp
The Arcade Fire
Beast Of Burden, Rolling Stones
Brown Sugar, Rolling Stones
Jump Around, House Of Pain
Down With OPP
Body Groven, Fat Boy Slim
Hungry Like The Wolf, Duran Duran
Missy Elliot
50 Cent
Yeah Usher
So What, Pink
Let Me Go On, Violent Fems
Safety Dance, Men Without Hats
Hey Yeah, Outcast
Vampire Weekend
Praise You, Fat Boy Slim
Groove Terminator
The General, Dispatch
Pour Some Sugar On Me
Foo Fighters
Don't Stop The Music /Umbrella, Rihanna
Mercy, Duffy
Beastie Boys (Everything)

Slower songs:
La Vie En Rose Louis Armstrong ----> 2nd To Last Song/Last Slow Dance
You Really Got A Hold On Me, She & Him
Reduce Reuse Recycle, Jack Johnson
Ben Harper
Donovan Frankenriter
1234 Fiest
Sweetest Thing U2
How Sweet It Is, James Taylor
Make you Feel My Love/ Chasing Pavements, Adele
Put your records on, Corrine Bailey Rae
Come away with me, Norah Jones

Hope you enjoy!!

Do you and your Fiance agree on music? Anyone else find an absolutely amazing DJ that you are stoked about?

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