Monday, May 4, 2009

The Drama, Joys, and Tears of Being Almost Married


The drama: I have a do-to list that seems miles long.

The joys: thinking about what's already has been planned and decided upon. And realizing that Mr. Peeps and I are on final count down for the big event!!

The tears: the waterworks have started to fall- I started crying on the way to the gym yesterday and while making a hair cut appointment for Mr. Peeps. Yep- while on the phone with a stranger, I had to hold back the overwhelming feeling to start crying.

I've been planning this wedding for what seems like forever. And now each task brings an overwhelming feeling of excitement.

I have also noticed that my wedding panning habits have changed dramatically since day one. When I first started wedding planning, I looked everywhere for inspiration and I looked on vendor websites for hours on end. Today, I'm done with new inspiration and I now I only look on vendor sites for the pretty pictures.

I've had a vision of the big day, and for better or worse- the day is planned- linens are ordered, flowers are set, ties and shoes have been picked out. And now I just need to cry it out and enjoy the day!!

Has the wedding caused an overwhelming need to cry? Tears of joy of course!!!

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