Friday, May 22, 2009

Hey Mr. Post Man!

So the Peeps have been ordering and receiving a lot of fun things in the mail. Some that I've shared with you and others that well, I am just sharing with you now.

First up, Mr. Peeps and Papa Peeps wedding gifts. I ordered them both from Red Envelope because I found a 20% coupon on-line. They are the perfect wedding day gift:

And the pen, well, it's beyond perfect for Papa Peep- a life long Dodger lover and season ticket holder. I wonder if he ever sat on these seats??? When I was a super young hyper thing, we had our tickets in the blue seats, so they always remind me of sugar highs and running up and down the aisle- quite possibly for the whole game (yes, I was totally that kid!!).

Second, a couple years ago Mr. Peep and I both got transitional lenses. Since our wedding is outside, we didn't want it to look like Mr. Peep was wearing sunglasses on our wedding day. SO Mr. Peep did his research and ordered a pair of glasses on-line!! Yep, he took the plunge. We were very careful to order glasses that were as close to the measurements if his current glasses, and I actual think I like them better with his new glasses.

Example 1: Mr. Peep wearing his transitional lenses for our engagement pictures. No bueno.

Example 2: Mr. Peeps new glasses. Here he is on his birthday last week. I think they look smashing:

Just last week Mr. Post Man delivered a very important part of a Jewish Wedding- our Ketubah. There are a ton of Ketubah sites out there, and a lot (actually almost all) provide Ketubah's with interfaith text. At first we thought this Ketubah was the one:

But some how both of us fell in love with the colors and mosaic of this one:

In person, it's perfect. I can't wait to have this sucker signed and hung up in our house for everyone to see. I promise to write more about the text post wedding.

And finally, we got an invite to another party for us!! The Rehearsal Dinner!! DIY'd by my FILs, aren't they great!?

Oh, how could I forget, we've also gotten a few official wedding presents:

Some much needed love for our salt and pepper:

And our also much needed every day bamboo flatware:

Anyone else doing a flurry of on-line ordering?

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