Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Call me Frazzled.

Like Miss Cheese (yet a lot less eloquently), I want to provide a good representation of what the final count down feels like in the Peep household.


One word: Frazzled.

We've been planning this wedding for over a year, and for 90% of that time I've felt no stress, no tension, no bridal pains. But this last week has been a dozy. It doesn't help that Mr. Peeps has been stressed to the max due to finals week, and that we've been up until 1am some nights editing papers and crafting posters (I swear he is in college not grammar school). Yes, I said WE, what type of partner would I be if I didn't help out with the little things like cutting, gluing and correcting all the little comma mistakes.

On top of that, I have been fielding last minute questions from the venue, the in-laws, my parents and the bridal party. While they all are SOO excited and everyone has the best of intentions, this tired Bride finally reached the frazzled phase of planning.

After a very tense drive home from work yesterday with Mr. Peep (we've all had those car rides), I went to gym to burn off some steam. After my workout, I still felt completely stressed and frazzled.

Yet a funny thing happened to me on my way to the grocery store. My mind cleared of all the wedding crap, and I just thought about how much I love my Man.

And for reasons I will never ever know, I finally found inspiration to write my wedding vows. I was pissed, I was tired, I was so not happy with Mr. Peeps, but I felt this overwhelming love for him. So in the middle of the Trader Joe's parking lot- I wrote my wedding vows. The vows that I've been dreading to write since Mr. PT said he really wanted to write his own vows over a year ago. So through teas of joy and tears of anger, my heart poured out onto paper, and I was finally able to put into words how incredibly special Mr. Peeps is to me. I wish I could share them with you today, but since they are for Mr. Peeps, I think I should wait.

I will say that after my moment of clarity, I went right back into frazzled mode. But by the end of the night I was able to apologize to Mr. Peeps. And I made sure that when he climbed into bed exhausted from writing his last final, I snuggled up real close and told him how much I loved him.

Did your Fiance suggest writing your own vows? Where have you found inspiration to write them?

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