Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Miss Peep FINALLY has the perfect pair of peep toes

I have already blogged about shoes before, here, here, and here!! I even asked the hive for advice, and totally ignored all if it. (sorry- bad bee).

But today is a glorious day- Miss PEEP TOE finally has shoes to wear to her wedding!!!! Before, I showcase my perfect pair of peeps, I thought I'd write a little bit about my experience with online ordering.*

First, I love the idea of Endless- free shipping both ways = fantastic-ness!! But I ordered three pairs of shoes through them and two of them were pretty damaged. Right out of the box, they both looked second hand. Not Good. The other was just not right. All three were quickly returned- FOR FREE.

These two were damaged:



And these were just wrong:


Second, Yoox. I had never heard of Yoox, until I began shopping for the elusive pair of perfect wedding day shoes on my favorite on-line site: Yoox is an on-line store that sells designer labels (most of which I have never heard of) at discounted prices. My first big problem with this site- their isn't much information about their products on their site. And when asked, they don't know.

For example, I saw these fabulous shoes.

(so sorry, after trying and trying, this was the largest image I could save and post- go to the link above to see a closer look)

Upon review, I couldn't tell if the dark part was black or brown. (This is when I believe I went into no holds bar- crazy shoe bride mode.) The picture looked black, my coworker thought it looked black, but I wanted them to be brown so badly. I emailed the site and they had no idea what color they were. So delusional me, I ordered them anyway. Sure enough, they were black and ivory.

Second big problem about this website- you only have 20 days to return them, you must include the return form, and they charge $6 for you to return them via UPS. I don't know about you, but USPS is much easier and convenient for me to handle. I had to find somewhere that takes UPS and 2 weeks after I shipped them I got an email saying that I didn't fill out the return slip correctly and the shoes had passed the 20 day return policy. BUT since I was a first time costumer, they would return them for free- just this once. Overall, I will not be ordering from them again- too much pressure to get it returned in 20 days.

Third, Amazon. My very first wedding shoe purchase. They came fast; shipping was free; and I thought they were perfect. Two months later, I tried them on with my dress and they were all sorts of wrong. Since I missed the 30 day return period, I now own them outright. Anyone want to buy these gorgeous shoes?? Size 8.5 (they run big and a bit wide), never worn. $30. I'll have them up on the classifieds soon.


Finally, desperate times call for desperate measures: Enter FULL PRICE J. Crew.
You may have seen these:


Also coveted by the lovely Brushetta. They look magnificent online, but I have to say, really disappointed in person. The Ivory didn't look ivory, it looked more champagne/pink. And the pink part looked less pink and more blush/dark rose. And the quality- I hate to say it- but it seemed lacking.

YET, J. Crew's best friend- J. Crew SALE did not disappoint. I present to you my fabulous Peep Toe shoes:

Ok, so they are more strappy sandals than peep toes, but aren't they gorgeous? Not to mentioned: they are comfy; the heel is shorter than my other options, they look fabulous with my dress and they gave me the best excuse to get a pedicure:

Surprisingly, they look pretty bridal with my nails done!! Anyone else go on a wild goose chase for the perfect wedding shoe???

*During my crazy, must have the perfect pair of shoes adventure, I did buy two pairs of shoes from Nordstroms (both blogged about my Miss Bruschetta), and both were fantastic, just not perfect. So yep, that takes my total shoe buying purchases up to nine.

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