Monday, May 4, 2009

Why Every Girl Needs a Best Weekend Ever.

I know you might be sick of me posting about my bachelorette, but as I said before, I wasn't really down for the typical bachelorette. YET the weekend was more typical than I thought it would be. And I think that is what made it so AMAZING.

First off, the weekend allowed me the opportunity to relax and be fun (surprisingly we aren't actually drunk in this picture):

It gave me an opportunity to dance on benches:

It allowed me to bust a move with Sister Peep:

It gave Mr. Peep an opportunity to make me blush(strike that) cry like a little school girl after his surprise dessert and champagne:

And most importantly, it gave me the opportunity to realize that I really do have some amazing women in my life!!!!

Oh- it also made me realize that some things are just a right of passage:

What was your favorite bachelorette or shower moment? Or what are you most looking forward to?

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