Thursday, May 21, 2009

And That's a Wrap

Back in November I bought what I thought would be the perfect wraps for the ladies. I was so excited about them, I even bought one for myself to go with my dress.

Here's the problem- the one I bought to go with my dress is all sorts of wrong. While the wraps are freakin gorgeous, they all have a vintage appeal to them. And well, there is nothing vintage about our eco-chic, modern City wedding. I was in denial until Mama Peep suggested just getting simple pashmina's for the ladies.

Of course I couldn't do simple, I wanted to make them eco-friendly. Finding eco-friendly wraps that were somewhat affordable was relatively easy. Enter: Nimli. I was able to order 6 pashminas- 4 for the girls, one for me to go with my rehearsal dinner dress and one for Mama Peep for under $200 (using a 20% off discount code online of course).

Unfortunately, the colors online are pretty different from the colors in person and I was less than impressed by the quality. (sorry, I didn't take a pic before I returned it). I felt defeated. I could order a different color online but I don't really have time to order another color and have it be wrong- again. Not to mention, the wraps took forever to arrive.

Enter: Google. Type in: kelly green wraps.

The first site that pops up: La Purse. Again, online they seemed like the perfect color and the price- at $20 per wrap couldn't be beat- should I risk it again???

Wait, what's that I see?? They are located in San Francisco!???!!


After a quick phone call, I confirmed that they had four Kelly Green wraps and was told that the wraps are cheaper in the store!!! Score.

One quick bus ride later, I had my hands on four Kelly Green pashminas at half the price of the Nimli wraps and the quality was amazing. And I have to say, the color online- identical to the color in person- maybe even better. Unfortunately, I know that these aren't eco-friendly and that makes me really sad, but I tried, and sometimes trying is half the battle.

At the end of the day, I'd highly recommend this site for great quality wraps at affordable prices. I can now start wrapping up my Bridesmaid Gifts. They are getting: earrings, homemade clutches and the green pashminas. If I sell the wraps I bought in LA, I think I spent just under $60 per girl. Not too bad, right?

Would you be excited to get this?? What are you gifting your ladies?

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