Monday, December 29, 2008

Back on Target

Hey Hive, I am back from the holidays and my drug-induced comma that was Twilight (swoon). Much to Mr. Spice's delight, I finally finished the series last night and returned to the human race. And my, my, it is so worth the read.

So I come to you this morning fresh from a morning workout. Where like Miss Crab Cake, I started the 100 push up challenge!! I have 66 days until my first dress fitting, so it's time to hunker down and get my booty in shape.

I also need to get back on the wedding bandwagon. Yesterday a friend asked how the wedding planning is going, well it's going all right!! Where- not so sure?? I still have a lot of details to do and things to catch the hive up on, so I thought I would take some time to re-visit a previous post: re-vamping Mama Sugar's 42-year-old veil.

It was a total success!!! Thanks to Miss Taffy and her fabulous Veil Tutorial post!

I know that a lot of people really loved the bow on the veil, but it was faded and yellow beyond repair, plus just a little too retro to go with my gown. Essentially, the tulle itself was sewn straight onto the bow, so I had to detach the tulle from the bow and start from scratch with the tulle.

I didn't want to cut the tulle because I didn't really want to chance screwing up- and there would be no redo on this one. Yet there was a lot of tulle. This is not a basic single layer veil- it is a VERY FULL single layer veil!!! So it's a bit wider than a normal veil. But without further ado, my re-vamped, re-used 42-year-old veil:

Please excuse my PJ's in this one.

I plan on taking in my shoes, my wrap and my veil into the shop to try it on with my dress (well, the sample of my dress) ASAP. Pictures to come!!! I also plan to ask the shop for some pointers on cleaning the veil. Someone suggested oxiclean, but Mama Sugar thinks it would be too harsh.

Any other thoughts on how to 'freshen-up' 42-year-old tulle?

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