Sunday, December 7, 2008

Saving the Environment and the Date San Francisco Style

Within minutes of becoming engaged it feels like everyone starts bombarding you with questions about the when, where and feel of the wedding. Since 90% of our guests would be coming from out of town, I was quick to realize that we needed a website to help disseminate the information to everyone. I also knew it was an eco-friendly way to get folks to Save the Date.

I spent hours checking out all the available wedding website hosts, and I even set up a few trial websites. The problem: Mr. Spice. He didn't like any of them- until I showed him the following website on Nearlyweds:

We both loved that it highlighted the San Francisco skyline. And for a very small additional fee, we were able to change the colors of the site to reflect our wedding colors!! The site itself is a bit more clunky then the other sites out there, but I have to say that the folks at Nearlyweds have been fantastic to work with. Being the web-klutz that I am, they have addressed all my questions in a very timely manner.*

Check out the results:

After setting up the site, I sent an email announcing the site to all of our guests. The only problem: I didn't have all my guests email addresses and I only heard from a handful of guests that they had seen the site.

I became paranoid that my email had ended up in people's spam folder.

We realized the only way to guarantee that people saved the date was to actually send out an STD. So I hit the internet again to look for the perfect card. It didn't take me to long to find Baron Cards: an eco-friendly wedding invitation site! And amazingly enough, they (1) had a San Francisco invite, (2) they were willing to change the wording of their RSVP card into a Save the Date, (3) they were willing to match the card to our wedding colors, and (4) they were afforadable.*

So I present to you our San Francisco Style, eco-friendly, Save the Dates:

Not only is the paper tree-free, recycled cotton fibers, but they print the invites using vegetable-based inks.


I printed out the envelopes on our home printer. And voila, they were ready to go out the door.

Not only did our guest love them; I now know that they all have the date and the website address!

What wedding website do you use??

Did anyone else try to go the paperless route to find out they needed to actually send something in the mail??

*I do not work for or know anyone who works for this company, but I would recommend them in a heartbeat.

**I am holding onto the Obama's STD until they offically get into the White House. Do you think they will come?? j/k

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